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How I learned to stop worrying and wrote my own memory-cache

In my ongoing quest for performance optimization, I, a self-proclaimed performance enthusiast, spend considerable time analyzing bottlenecks in our SaaS helpdesk web app. Proudly, our backend seldom exceeds 5-6% CPU usage, even during peak hours when the Americas awaken and Europe remains active.

Improving C# Performance with Span<T>

Whenever I have some free time on my hands I love making our helpdesk app faster. The newest C# and .NET Core releases come with so many performance oriented features that I've been waiting to play with, specifically the new datatype called Span<T>.

SQL is the most long lasting skill in tech

In January 2020, right before COVID hit, a question has popped up at the HackerNews front page:

"Which technology is worth learning in 2020?"