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How I learned to stop worrying and wrote my own memory-cache

Here I am, writing about performance optimization again. I'm a performance junkie. Constantly monitoring and investigating bottlenecks for our SaaS helpdesk webapp is my favorite thing ever. And I'm proud to say that with thousands of clients, even some really big ones, our app's backend process rarely goes higher than 5-6% CPU. Even during the peak load times which happen around 2-3pm UTC - the time when "Americas are waking up while Europe is still very active".

Improving C# Performance with Span<T>

Whenever I have some free time on my hands I love making our helpdesk app faster. The newest C# and .NET Core releases come with so many performance oriented features that I've been waiting to play with, specifically the new datatype called Span<T>.

SQL is the most long lasting skill in tech

In January 2020, right before COVID hit, a question has popped up at the HackerNews front page:

"Which technology is worth learning in 2020?"