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Nov 20 2018
CSS: always use transparent colors for your shadows

I see a lot of websites and apps using "box-shadow" like this box-shadow: 0px 0px 20px 5px #ddd. Which literally means "lets have a #ddd-colored shadow, with zero offset, 5 pixels wide and 20 pixels blurred".

Which is perfectly fine, for the most part.


Oct 29 2018
The REAL reasons to be concerned about AI

The REAL reasons to be concerned about AI

Everyone's being paranoid about AI these days. And the less people are familiar with the subject, the more concerned they are. Even some of my tech friends, even - believe it or not - software engineers, the ones have a very vague idea of how AI/ML works, are expressing their concerns.


Jun 11 2018
ASP.NET MVC: Allowing Html for Particular Action Parameters

Sometimes you need to allow users to post HTML to the server. And, by default, this is the error you're going to get:

A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client

Mar 5 2018
Cool Regex performance hacks I bumped into

The first part of this post applies only if you run ASP.NET on Windows, you can simply skip to the regex hack if not interested, but I strongly recommend you read the whole post.


Jan 6 2018
CPU usage stats after patching for Meltdown

The following chart shows the impact on CPU usage after applying the Meltdown patch.


Dec 11 2017
Google doesn't need its own social network

Seems like Google is finally giving up trying to build their own social network. They have found another way of sneaking into your personal life: Google Photos


Oct 6 2017
Finding first customers and increasing sales - Indiehackers followup

I have received dozens of emails after my recent IndieHackers interview and this is just awesome. Nothing I like more than chatting with fellow entrepreneurs.


Aug 22 2017
Fastest way to generate URLs in an ASP.NET MVC app

Almost any "optimize ASP.NET for best speed" tutorial out there suggests optimizing the URL-generation process in some way. You know, getting rid of those Url.Action("Action", "Controller") calls that are expression-tree based, replacing them with RouteUrl, or implementing some route-resolution caching etc etc..


Jun 22 2017
Speed up your cloud-based SQL Server by 200% for free

For those of you who run SQL Server on cloud VMs (AWS or Azure), here's an awesome performance hack I have recently discovered. It's called "buffer pool extensions" and it's been introduced in SQL Server 2014 and later ("standard" edition or higher).


Feb 4 2017
Facebook is terrifying

Remember that last time you posted a picture on Facebook and it automatically offered to tag other people on the photo? Nothing unusual. You've tagged these people before, right? You've trained the machine learning face-recognition algorithm. And now Facebook can spot where they are on your picture.


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