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May 4 2016
Target="_blank" - the most underestimated vulnerability ever

People using target='_blank' links usually have no idea about this curious fact:


Apr 25 2016
Tricking idlers into becoming CS-badasses

Ages ago, when I was still studying computer science back in Russia, me and all the other "future engineers" in my class were wasting hours and hours playing "Quake I" deathmatch over the network in the computer lab (instead of actually doing the lab work).


Apr 14 2016
Republishing on Medium: duplicate content, SEO and "rel=canonical"

Many bloggers and marketers recommend republishing your blog on Medium because it gets your content in front of new audiences and apparently that works really well.


Mar 25 2016
Constraints are good

Every time our server experiences some hiccups - read-timeouts, CPU-overloads, out-of-memory overflows etc. - I'm tempted to throw more money into our Amazon account and forget about it. That's what most companies do anyway.


Feb 28 2016
On Microconf

Microconf in only one month away. And I've already booked a nice tall Triumph Tiger 800 for a day-long ride from L.A. to Vegas (visiting every dirt-bike trail I can find along the way of course).


Jan 17 2016
Tricks to speed up your AWS EC2 Windows server I/O

Say you have a pretty general Windows server, that runs Microsoft IIS (webserver), MS SQL (database engine) and probably some basic stuff, like SMTP, SSH etc. etc.

Here are some I/O performance hacks I came up with when trying to optimize our Amazon EC2 instances on Windows


Jan 5 2016
SaaS startups - Beware of Spammers!

TL;DR if your SaaS app has some sort of email-sending functionality in it - beware of spammers who will register trial accounts massively and use it to send spam.


Nov 20 2015
Now that's what I call a Hacker

An ex-coworker of mine has posted this gem to a russian, so I decided to translate this and steal all the credit post this to my blog under his permission.


Oct 13 2015
How I Improved My SEO Rankings In Just 30 Minutes

TL;DR: You can use a CDN service (free, no technical knowledge required) to minimize your TTFB - "Time to First Byte" - which turns out to be an important SEO metric.


Aug 24 2015
Resolving issues with Store in Windows 10

UPDATE: If you found this page helpful, please retweet it

After upgrading my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 I started having issues with Metro apps and the Store. It was simply not working.


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