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7 Great Newsletters for Startup Founders

by Max Al Farakh · Jan 28 2015

It takes a lot of time and effort to stay on top of the industry news. Tons of new articles are being published every day, but not all of them worth your attention. Let other people do the dirty work and find the most interesting and useful stuff for you – subscribe to a newsletter. Here are 7 curated weekly email newsletters that I love.

SaaS Weekly

SaaS Weekly

Curated by Hiten Shah, founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, this newsletter is easily the most useful one, if you make a SaaS app. Every week you will get nine articles and a "tip of the week" straight to your inbox. Articles are divided into the following groups: Business, Product, Marketing, Sales, and Growth. It comes out every Monday morning, which is a perfect time to get some ideas for the following week. Subscribe here.

Founder's Cabin

Founders Cabin

This weekly newsletter is curated by Josh Pigford, founder of Baremetrics and aimed at founders, entrepreneurs & startups. Generally, it includes the same kind of articles SaaS Weekly does. I love that Founder's Cabin has a cozy feel to it – probably thanks to its logo. Makes you want to sit down with a cup of coffee and read it all. Subscribe here.

#Startup Curated

Startup Curated

This one is a newcomer with only one issue so far, but it looks very promising. Published by the guys behind Startup Foundation and #startup Slack channel. It is divided into several sections: lessons learned, articles, videos, presentation decks, audios, and resources. Here is what they say on their web site:

Curated by founders, for founders and delivered every weekend in one minimal email.

Subscribe here.


Great newsletter for those of us working remotely. How to stay productive, where to live in, how to set up your desk – that kind of stuff. It also comes with "Book of the week" and "Motivational Clip of the Week". Subscribe here.

Accidental Creative

Curated by Todd Henry, author of two great books Accidental Creative and Die Empty, this newsletter comes packed with articles about creativity, motivation, productivity, etc. It also comes with "Book of the week" recommendations. Although it usually contains quite a bit of self-promotion, it is definitely worth subscribing to. Subscribe here.

Austin Kleon's Weekly Newsletter

Austin Kleon, author of two hugely popular books Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work, is one of my favorite people on the internet. He is always funny and inspirational. This newsletter contains just 10 links of the stuff that Austin finds interesting. As he says on the web site, sign up for a weekly dose of inspiration. Subscribe here.


The best posts from HackerNews curated by hand. It's been 218 issues so far and it's not going anywhere. Sign up to keep up with the industry in general. Subscribe here.

by Max Al Farakh, co-founder of Jitbit.
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