Jul 6 2010 :: by Alex Yumashev
I just realized, that this June is five years since I started Jitbit Software. Seems like it was yesterday. Actually, I started in 2002 as a tiny custom software development studio, but the "Jitbit" brand is only five.

Thats our website back in 2005. Have a look. We had three products in our line and were making much as ... $700 a month.

The first online order was in July, one month after the launch, which is considered a great success among the "shareware" authors. I guess this was a great motivator for me ("look, there's actual money here"). The order was for Net Profile Switch from a guy named Kenneth. I was so surprised that it worked and it was not some stolen-credit-card-fraudulent-guy, that I looked up the customer's address and even found his house on a satellite map. Thanks, Ken! Thanks for helping us start. Thanks for helping us going all the way from "one-man-in-a-garage" to becoming a member of the Microsoft Partner Program that offers industry-leading products.

Lessons learned:

Forget about software protection - software pirates are your friends, at least when you begin. People who use pirated versions - they never buy. So if you're coding some licensing system - just stop. You'll buy one when you'll start making money.

SEO is everything. Nuff said.

Keep trying. Your product may not work. Jitbit has a dozen of unsuccessful projects that never became bestsellers. Here's one of them. And even if a project has failed - don't abandon it. Make it a free and/or open-source product, let it attract that "link juice" for you. Make sure you get the most even from a failed product.

PS. I guess we should launch some birthday discounts now, shouldn't we? Stay tuned.

'Jitbit Turns Five Years (Thanks Ken!)' was written by Alex Yumashev
Alex Yumashev
Alex has founded Jitbit in 2005 and is a software engineer passionate about customer support.

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