Simple CRM software for small businesses. Lightweight, cost-effective and web-based. Full source codes and straightforward pricing.


Unlimited and affordableNot priced "per user" cheap CRM system

We are not priced "per user". It's only $299 for an unlimited number of users. This includes free upgrades. That's what makes us different from the competition.


Seamless email integrationPOP3/IMAP/SMTP

Two-way email integration. Instantly turns incoming emails into CRM notes for the appropriate contact or company, sends out automatic emails to your contacts.


Hosted version availableSaaS CRM that runs on our servers

We offer a hosted CRM application as well. Avoid hardware headaches and installation procedures, leave that to us. Our cloud servers are based in an amazing datacenter, secured and fine-tuned by our best engineers. Learn more...


Web-based, secure, reliableAnd easy to use - no learning curve

Assign contact and companies to your users, attach files, track projects and tasks. Based on the most advanced technical platform - MS SQL Server and ASP.NET. Learn more...


Source codes availableBuy the C# ASP.NET source codes if you need them

Looking for a customizable CRM solution? Look no more. No resrtictions - modify the sources in any way you want.


AD-integrationIntegrate into your enterprise

Possible Windows-integrated authentication - integrate CRM with your existing Active Directory users catalog.

.NET CRM - screenshot .NET CRM - screenshot

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The kind of CRM software you've wanted

We don't like the term "CRM Software". It's discredited by huge awkward CRM systems with too many features, doing too many things and costing too much money. Forgetting what "Customer Relationship Management" actually is.

Jitbit CRM is a very simple web-based CRM and contact-tracking software for small businesses. Our CRM is designed in compliance with the KISS-principle ("Keep It Stupidly Simple"). Based on ASP.NET, it's lightweight, cost-effective, simple to use and easy to install on your server. Yet, it has everything a CRM solution should have.

And the greatest part - we're not priced "per-seat". The price is not based on the number of users.

Why small businesses need a web-based CRM?

The problem - too many people. Too many companies. Too many emails, tasks, phone calls. "What is this company again?" "Why are we doing business with them?" "Who was the last to speak to them and what were the decisions?"

Jitbit CRM - tracks your contacts and interactions, answering all the questions. And above all - it's simple as 1-2-3.

Online demo of the web-based CRM

Try the hosted version free for 60-days.

New: Hosted Version

Along with this downloadable version of our web-based CRM software (to be installed on your server), we also offer a Hosted CRM Software service.

Why Jitbit CRM?

  • The cheapest CRM software - only $299 for a single installation (unlimited users and companies) and $699 for the source-code license. Both contracts include free upgrades for one year.
  • Unlimited - similar web-based software is priced $100-200 "per seat", while Jitbit web-based CRM is unlimited. You can even install several developer instances - all covered by one license. No catch.
  • FREE evaluation version has no expiration (download and test as long as you need!)
  • Email integration (both ways) - incoming emails are imported into CRM, outgoing messages are sent to your customers
  • Extremely Simple CRM, takes seconds to setup (run the installer and start working in seconds), ideal for small businesses.
  • Reliable ASP.NET-based CRM - we use the most advanced technical platform: Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 and MS SQL Server
  • Secure - supports Windows-integrated authentication - integrate CRM with your existing Active Directory users, or use our authentication API to integrate with your other apps
  • File attachments, Email/Outlook integration and more

How it works

To put it simple, Jitbit CRM is an advanced address book - a database of Companies and Contacts. Each contact or company has its tasks and history log that you can add notes to. Contacts and companies can also be put together in projects, that also have their tasks and history.

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