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Lessons learned from The Traffic Spike

by Alex Yumashev · Apr 12 2011
My recent blog post about the Chinese hard drive has attracted HUGE amounts of traffic. It's been featured at TechCrunch, Slashdot, Reddit, StumbleUpon and others. Of course, after being upvoted at HackerNews - my long-time personal favorite.

It was "liked" by 14K (forteen thousand) people on Facebook and retweeted more than 2.5K times. My blog has received about 450 000 visits (and still counting) - thank God I host it at, otherwise my server would be dead by now.

But what's in it for me and my startup? Let's have a look at the ups and downs:



Of course this does not mean that the "viral" approach is dead. You should keep creating great "shareable" content... Just remember that the "viral" traffic converts badly, the bounce-rate is 95%. It won't drive the actual sales. But do concentrate on converting this traffic into RSS or mailing list subscribers instead.

According to this great post by Rob Walling - every traffic source has a half-life and this was a striking illustration. Traffic spikes after being featured at TechCrunch, being upvoted at Reddit, being "Stumbled Upon" or retweeted - are always followed by a decay. And your job is to keep your website prepared to "The Traffic Spike" and make the most of it.

Unfortunately, my blog was completely UNprepared. It didn't even have an "about" page until last week...

Steps to prepare your blog