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Don't use "meaningful" calls to action blindly

Jun 13 2014 :: by Alex

A recent conversation at got me thinking...

There's this trend in the self-funded startups community going on recently - to use "meaningful" calls to action instead of simple "start trial" or "sign up" buttons. Like, if you're selling a scheduling tool - put the "end your scheduling hassles" text on your button, not just the stupid "sign up" label. Or - if you're selling a budgeting app - "start watching your wallet" or something like that.

It's not that simple. I've ran countless a/b-tests on both the hosted helpdesk homepage and the sign-up page. We tried everything, from "solve the email overload" to "make your customers happy". From "handle your first ticket" to a stupid "launch my app".

The result: plain ol' "sign up" always wins. The conversions are higher by 15-20%.

Maybe it's just my niche. After all, we're selling a support software tool targeted at technical people. Many of them are startups like us. They're used to "sign up" buttons and look for them. Or - maybe not! Anyways - never take an advice blindly. Always A/B-test even the "obvious" stuff promoted by the "gurus".

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