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Why we still use VB6 for some projects

by Alex Yumashev · Updated Apr 12 2023
I've been asked several times, what programming language do we use in our development. Here it is:
Yep, that's right. We still code in Visual Basic 6. We do have modules made with C++, but still we use a lot of VB6. And here is why:

With VB6 I do miss the "true OOP" features like inheritance, or polymorphism. In fact, ages ago I was a "hardcore" C++ developer, who despised VB6. But now I'm not going back to C++/MFC. Because I'm really spoilt by rapid .NET development. I wish there was a "C# 6", but there isn't, so we stick to VB6. It is almost dead, it will be totally unsupported after 2008, but... it works!

You may ask, why not use .NET to build end-user tools?

I guess when the VB6 is really truly dead, we will think of moving to Delphi, maybe. And again, I wish there was a native compiler for C#... Sigh...

UPDATE: thanks for commenting, mates! We do think of migrating to Delphi. But as far as I know, it has no support for Unicode. Correct me if I'm wrong.