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Apr 16 2008
Google-bot submits forms

Google-bot already knows how to parse Flash and Javascript on our websites, extracting URLs to index. And now it's been oficially announced, that Google starts submitting forms, filling the fields with keywords, playing with options, and indexing the results. continued...

Mar 19 2008
Google tech support

About a week ago I have contacted Google's support. I wanted to let them know, that when their web services (Google Apps, Google Reader, AdWords/Adsense etc.) are being accessed via httpS, the browser sometimes shows a security warning: "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items". continued...

Feb 28 2008
7 rules for writing sales emails

Recently we've received several proposals from a well-known eCommerce provider asking us to switch to them from Plimus (our current online payments processor). Their somewhat insistent email has induced me to write this post - 7 simple rules for writing sales emails, that we follow here at Jitbit: continued...

Feb 19 2008
24 Steps to a Successful Startup

How do you build a successful startup? continued...

Feb 11 2008
Quote of the day and interesting finds

Awesome quote:

Don’t be stupid. Borrow more. At $20,000 in debt, if your business model doesn’t work, you are in trouble. At $2,000,000 in debt, if your business doesn’t work, the bank is in trouble.
(via foundread) continued...

Feb 1 2008
Unknown Icons

Yesterday my friend's 13 years old daughter asked me a question I couldn't answer. "What is that icon on the 'Save' button?" she asked, "What does it mean?" continued...

Jan 29 2008
New HelpDesk, Mac-Dongle and ReadBurner

Yesterday we have added two new languages to our web-based Help-Desk product: Norwegian and Portuguese. Also the new version comes with a great new feature: when Jitbit HelpDesk works in Windows-authentication mode and detects a new unregistered user, it tries to connect to the Active Directory to get the user's email and save it to its' database. continued...

Jan 25 2008
7 reasons why I will never buy a Macbook Air

Macbook Air: the thinnest notebook ever, based on Flash-memory (still there's a HDD-version), featuring a 13,3" screen and a 1.6 GHz Intel Core-Duo inside.

It's undeniably beautiful. It's unbelievably thin. But:


Jan 24 2008
Google Apps for Jitbit

Yesterday we have moved our company email to Google Apps. continued...

Jan 14 2008
Email Marketing vs. Spam - what's the difference?

What's the difference between spam and email marketing? continued...

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