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Feb 1 2008
Unknown Icons

Yesterday my friend's 13 years old daughter asked me a question I couldn't answer. "What is that icon on the 'Save' button?" she asked, "What does it mean?" continued...

Jan 29 2008
New HelpDesk, Mac-Dongle and ReadBurner

Yesterday we have added two new languages to our web-based Help-Desk product: Norwegian and Portuguese. Also the new version comes with a great new feature: when Jitbit HelpDesk works in Windows-authentication mode and detects a new unregistered user, it tries to connect to the Active Directory to get the user's email and save it to its' database. continued...

Jan 25 2008
7 reasons why I will never buy a Macbook Air

Macbook Air: the thinnest notebook ever, based on Flash-memory (still there's a HDD-version), featuring a 13,3" screen and a 1.6 GHz Intel Core-Duo inside.

It's undeniably beautiful. It's unbelievably thin. But:


Jan 24 2008
Google Apps for Jitbit

Yesterday we have moved our company email to Google Apps. continued...

Jan 14 2008
Email Marketing vs. Spam - what's the difference?

What's the difference between spam and email marketing? continued...

Dec 20 2007
Macro Recorder: another trigger example

Another example of "triggering" events with our Macro Recorder software and the IF statement. The following script makes Macro Recorder wait until Notepad window has appeared. continued...

Dec 15 2007
SEO friendly URLs with ASP.NET

Search engines like human-readable URLs with keywords in it, and hesitate to respect messy URLs with a lot of query-string parameters. So, to make our ASP.NET database-driven website SEO-friendly we have to get rid of our complex URLs. continued...

Dec 5 2007
Time management tips

Max Kraynov of Kraynov Investments must have read my mind: he shared a great time-management tip, which I use in my daily work too. Here it is: when I open my notebook and start working on a task, I simply turn on the timer on my watch. That's it. continued...

Nov 19 2007
Jitbit AspNetForum just got better

As you might know, SQL Server Express 2005 has a great feature: it can automatically attach an .MDF file to a running instance of SQL Server Express when an application first establishes a connection. So if you run SQL Server Express - you simply place the database file to some location, modify the database connection string to something like "AttachDbFileName=c:\database.MDF" and you are ready to run. continued...

Nov 7 2007
Multilingual HelpDesk and AspNetForum - get a discount!

Just a quick note on what we're working on and a discount opportunity we offer. continued...

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