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Oct 26 2007
Uninstall Feedback

All Jitbit programs, when being uninstalled, ask the user, if she/he would like to leave us some feedback. I beleive that every mISV should add uninstall feedback to their product since it's simple and valuable. Even if only 1 user of 10 will leave some feedback, it will give you some food for thought. continued...

Oct 19 2007
13 spoiled programs

In the software industry a program's new version is often worse than the previous one. Instead of becoming a better (faster, simpler and more powerful) software application over time, it turns into an over-sized monster, loaded with tons of useless features, bells and whistles. How about a hard disk defragmenter that can read email? It is quite possible according to Jamie Zawinski and his law that states that "every program attempts to expand until it can read mail". continued...

Sep 21 2007
Switching Network Settings vs. "Alternate Configuration"

Today we have received a letter from a very angry user, claiming that Net Profile Switch is, to put it mildly, a totally useless piece of software, cause Windows XP (and higher) has the "Alternate Configuration" tab in its network settings dialog. This tab allows you to specify alternate network settings which will be used by Windows when a DHCP server is not found in range, and thus use the computer on more than one network. continued...

Sep 19 2007
How to find the right idea for your mISV

Since Jitbit is a "mISV" (a software company with less than 10 employees), I'm sharing some mISV-thoughts. continued...

Aug 10 2007
Macro Recorder: new timing architecture

Here is another post in the series of "the making of" posts where I speak a bit about what we're doing on the next versions of our products. continued...

Aug 9 2007
Why we still use VB6 for some projects

I've been asked several times, what programming language do we use in our development. Here it is:


Aug 9 2007
Help-Desk demo

We have just launched an online demo of Jitbit's Web-based Help-Desk software. Use "admin/admin" to log in as an administrator, or "client/client" to log in as a regular user.

I just realized, that when I choose a web-app or a component for myself, I never even look at the ones that have no online demos. Offering a server-side product as a download only, is not a good idea since few system administrators will ever install something on their production server for evaluation purposes.

Also, check out the video walkthrough we made:


Jul 14 2007
Rewards of being a Software CEO

"Software CEO", "runs his own business", this sounds really cool at first. My friends are jealous. My dad is proud. continued...

Jul 4 2007
Automating customer support

The author of BlogJet wrote in his blog, that that nearly 80% of customer support can be automated. Recently I realized, that 80% - is a recursive value. I mean, after you have automated 80% of your support work, take a closer look at the remaining 20%. You will see another 80% to automate. continued...

May 12 1977
Please welcome -

We're proud to announce our latest product - - a heat-map click analytics app for websites. continued...

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