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Aug 9 2007
Help-Desk demo

We have just launched an online demo of Jitbit's Web-based Help-Desk software. Use "admin/admin" to log in as an administrator, or "client/client" to log in as a regular user.

I just realized, that when I choose a web-app or a component for myself, I never even look at the ones that have no online demos. Offering a server-side product as a download only, is not a good idea since few system administrators will ever install something on their production server for evaluation purposes.

Also, check out the video walkthrough we made:


Jul 14 2007
Rewards of being a Software CEO

"Software CEO", "runs his own business", this sounds really cool at first. My friends are jealous. My dad is proud. continued...

Jul 4 2007
Automating customer support

The author of BlogJet wrote in his blog, that that nearly 80% of customer support can be automated. Recently I realized, that 80% - is a recursive value. I mean, after you have automated 80% of your support work, take a closer look at the remaining 20%. You will see another 80% to automate. continued...

May 12 1977
Please welcome -

We're proud to announce our latest product - - a heat-map click analytics app for websites. continued...

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