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Mar 24 2014
Removing files from Mercurial history

Another post for developers reading this blog. If you think these posts do not belong here, please leave a comment, and I'll consider moving my development articles to a separate blog.

Sometimes you need to remove files from Mercurial completely, even from the history. For instance, if you have mistakenly stored a sensitive file in the repo (some password, or an access key, or a code-signing certificate etc. etc.) Here's how you do it:


Dec 30 2013
The Startupper Way


Dec 24 2013
JavaScript: injecting extra info to copy-pasted text

You've seen this many times - when you copy and paste text from a website - a reference link to the source appears at the bottom, sometimes along with a copyright notice. Something like "read more at". Some SEOs say this can be good source of backlinks so I tried to figure out how these sites do it... Turns out most of the sites use a service called "Tynt". But Tynt also traces visitor actions on a website (mouse moves, clicks etc), which I personally don't like.


Nov 20 2013

"In order to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion"

author unknown

Forgive me, I just could not walk past this picture. Should help you understand what recursion really is.


May 23 2013
Skype spying on you in Russia, China and who knows where else?

Russian newspaper "Vedomosti" - a reputable Russian periodical co-founded by Dow Jones, The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal - has reported that both the national security agency and the police are able to tap Skype conversations without even filing a court order.

Since I'm originally from Russia, I will translate the article for you: continued...

Mar 17 2013
Don’t Choose a SaaS Helpdesk! Really?

This is a guest post by Dean Mitchell about the objections people raise against on-demand help desk apps. And since we're a saas help desk vendor we figured it fits our blog just perfectly.

It’s obvious to everyone but a crazy hermit living in a cave eating dried frogs and drinking unsavoury and unmentionable liquids that a helpdesk solution of some kind is an unquestionable necessity for the smooth running of your business. You may already have one that causes you to tear your hair out and scream creative and colourful profanities due to its convoluted and counter-intuitive nature. Bin it now! Life is way too short for that crap! continued...

Jan 11 2013
Julian Assange vs Mark Zuckerberg


Dec 11 2012
Hit the Tail: Marketing Hacks from Jitbit

Over the last couple of years we came up with a number of great marketing "hacks" here at Jitbit Software, that include: continued...

Dec 5 2012
Non-obvious time-management hacks

Have fun!

This is my favorite time management principle. Even though it's hardly about saving time per se, but still... Don't be afraid to have fun! It's OK to have fun. Don't feel guilty for having it. Having fun is not losing time. So go ahead, grab your snowboard and go to the mountains for a week. Have a dinner with your wife. Take your kids to the waterpark. Try skydiving. Have a motorcycle trip across a couple of states (I did this two months ago on a rented bike, and it was amazing). Play a video game. Heck, write some code, if that's fun to you!

Have fun. It's fine. Don't put it off for the "better days" - there's no such thing as "better days" when all the work is done and the goals are achieved. By that time your body might not be capable of having fun anymore. You're getting old, remember? Human intelligence peaks at age 26 and keeps declining afterwards. We all get dumber over time. So go out and have fun right now before it's too late.
"The most dangerous way to lose time is not to spend it having fun, but to spend it doing fake work."
is my favorite quote by Paul Graham.

Now, the actual hacks: continued...

Sep 3 2012
Google Search is only 18% Search

I was recently testing some of the keywords and positions for our hosted help-desk app and it suddenly occurred to me that 80% of the page were not actually the search results. Check this out:

My brain got used to filtering the ads out, so it never popped into my head before... We are used to this picture. I actually had to get up from my laptop, grab a coffee and then glance back at my monitor from across the room to notice this.

ADs vs Results: area size

Now, we're all technical people so let's do the math continued...

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