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How Jitbit Help Desk helps you with GDPR

by Alex Yumashev · Updated Sep 9 2019

The new European General Data Protection Regulation act (GDPR) introduced some new data processing and handling requirements and since Jitbit provides a SaaS help desk app, that sits in between our customers and their clients, we have to be compliant in two ways

  1. Ensure GDPR compliance between us and our customers
  2. Help our customers stay compliant for their customers

The first part is pretty much covered by this article on our website. In short - we are 100% compliant, we are a "data processor", we can sign an agreement with you, nothing to worry about.

Ticket form Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

You can easily add a checkbox with links to your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to the ticket creation form using "Admin - General settings - New ticket note text". This "note" allows adding html-code and by pasting something like this:

<input name="cbPP" type="checkbox" required /> I agree to the <a href="#">Terms of service</a> and <a href="#">Privacy policy</a>

(mind the "required" attribute for the input)

You end up having a nice checkbox that asks a user to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and blocks creating a ticket unless it's checked:

GDPR helpdesk ticket form

Same checkbox is automatically shown at the bottom of the user registration form:

GDPR help desk user registration form

Customer data export and deletion

Part of GDPR requires you to to be able to export customer's data and, optionally, delete it (the so called "right to be forgotten").

Jitbit Helpdesk has had the user-deletion feature for a while now, and deleting a user physically removes all his tickets, all his replies, file-attachments - everything - from the app. There's no undo for this, that is why there are 2-3 confirmations prompting you to click "yes, I'm sure".

There are multiple options to export the data. You can head to the user's profile and export all his tickets and conversations. Alternatively, head over to "Admin - Import and Export" to export stuff. You can also pull all tickets from a user using the "Summary" report or the advanced ticket search, enabling the "results in CSV" option.