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May 17 2016
All-hands support: pros and cons

all hands support pros and cons

All-hands support — an approach where everyone in a company does customer support to some extent — has been a widely discussed topic lately. The idea is not new. A lot of big companies, like Basecamp, Stripe, Slack and even us, have been advocating this for quite some time.

But is it really that beneficial as they make it out to be?


May 6 2016
How to WOW your customers

How to WOW your customers

Two years ago in the very first post of this customer support series of articles – “Amazing customer support defined” – I have put “WOW moment” as the top priority for a great customer support interaction.


May 6 2016
How's our Helpdesk different?

how is Jitbit Helpdesk different

I was not sure if this post should go to my personal blog or the "official" one. But I still decided to put it here. Heck, one of the things we're trying to do differently is "being personal", so why not.

Every time someone asks me how our helpdesk software is different from Zendesk/Freshdesk/Helpscout/Groove/Kayako/whatever I'm tempted to say "it's not!"


Apr 21 2016
10 Signs Your Customer Support Team is Ready to Drop the Shared Inbox

10 signs your customer support team should drop the shared inbox

Almost every business has one thing in common: they start out with limited resources, but still need a way to collect user feedback and manage customer support requests.


Mar 22 2016
11 Ways Bad Customer Service Is Burning Your Bottom Line

Bad customer service

The customer’s perception is your reality - Kate Zabriskie

Bad customer service is really expensive.


Mar 1 2016
24 Data-Backed Reasons Why Great Customer Support is Your Most Important Marketing Strategy

Each year US companies lose $41 billion due to poor customer service.

The internet and social media has made it possible for consumers to leverage multiple channels to communicate, complain and interact with brands.


Feb 7 2016
16 Customer Service Skills That Drive Every Business

Develop these skills to win new customers, increase loyalty and grow your business

Excellent customer service is the lifeblood of any organization.

It generates new customers. A great customer service reputation is a powerful differentiator in a competitive market where consumers have a lot of product/service options.


Jan 12 2016
43 startup blogs That Will Elevate Your Business in 2016 (and Beyond)

startup blogs

"The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something."
Seth Godin

Jan 5 2016
4 easy ways to improve your customer service

No matter how good your customer service is you can always do better. Today I've prepared a couple of tips that helped us a lot recently.


Dec 11 2015
How to say "No" to a customer

It's safe to say that when a customer contacts support, all they want to hear is a "yes" to all their questions and requests. But that's not always possible. This is one of the most complicated situations in customer support because people, in general, take rejection seriously.

A couple of years ago at the Business of Software conference in Boston, Sarah Hatter said something that was a revelation to me:


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