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Survey forms in Jitbit Helpdesk

by Alex Yumashev · Updated Jul 6 2022

UPDATE: Jitbit now supports SurveyMonkey natively, please refer to this guide

I know, product updates & hints are so boring.

That's why we do this so very occasionally - only once in 3-6 months.

But this one is really worth posting.

UPDATE: since 2021 Jitbit has built-in satisfaction surveys

Jitbit Helpdesk now comes with built-in customer satisfaction surveys, you don't have to integrate with any 3rd party products. Just include #RatingLinks# mask in your "Ticket Closed" email template and the customer will receive a satisfaction rating prompt with clickable "Good - OK - Bad" links.

If you'd like to customize the survey prompt, simply include your custom prompt between the rounded brackets like this: #RatingLinks(Please rate our service)#.

Customer surveying

One of the most frequent requests we get here for Jitbit Help desk Software is how to send a customer survey after a support ticket has been closed. While we don't have this feature built-in, you can still add surveys using our "automation rules" module fairly easy.

You will need an account with a free surveying application like SurveyMonkey for example - they have a free plan that allows creating surveys that have upto 10 questions. While we will need only one question - "how satisfied are you with our support?" that we'll send out to the customer.

"Send survey" automation rule

After you have registered at SurveyMonkey (or a similar service, like "PollDaddy" for example) simply go to "Admin - Automation Rules" in the helpdesk application. Create a new rule there, name it, say, "Sending a ticket survey". Set the automation rule trigger to "ticket has been closed", and set the "action" to "Send an email to ticket submitter". Then fill in the email body including a link to the survey you just created in SurveyMonkey.

Just like on this screenshot:

support ticket survey automation rule

After you save the rule, every time a ticket has been closed, a message is sent to the customer, inviting him to share his feedback.

Another way: use Zapier trigger

Zapier is great online service that integrates thousands of web-based applications with each other. Basically, it works very simple: "App A" sends request to Zapier, and Zapier then sends a request to "App B". This way "App A" and "App B" do not have to natively integrate with each other, they just have to integrate with Zapier.

We have recently introduced a "ticket closed" trigger in Zapier. Once a ticket has been closed in the helpdesk system, it will send a request to Zapier, where you can choose, which survey app you're going to route it to. Here's how you do it with Surveymonkey