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Fascinating Benefits of A Personalized Customer Support Towards Lead Nurturing

by Alex Yumashev · Updated Apr 4 2019

Lead nurturing refers to how you develop relationships with your buyers at every stage in the sales funnel. It involves listening to your prospects’ needs and providing them with relevant information they are looking for because consumers hate irrelevant content.

Look at this:

According to a study by Janrain, almost 74% of online consumers are disappointed with websites if the information there isn’t of their interests.

As a matter of fact, customers today are more influential and need a certain level of relevancy that is above general interests. What does this mean? They need information that is tailored specifically to their interests. And if you can meet this demand, then you would have hit the jackpot by succeeding at your lead nurturing process.

Furthermore, according to a report by Walker, by 2020, customer experience will be more important than price and product. Thus, a wakeup call to provide your consumers with the best experiences so as to stay in business.

Here’s how a personalized customer support optimizes your lead nurturing process:

Builds Quick Trust

So as to be successful in convincing your visitor to convert to a prospect, you must win his/her trust. Wondering why? Because consumers are naturally scared of buying from people they barely know. And before they enter into your sales funnel, consumers have to first reach a certain level of trust for your business.

For example, PwC’s global consumer insights survey shows the importance of trust in influencing the purchase decision of a customer. It reveals that 35% of consumers choose trust in a brand among the top 3 reasons why they decide to buy its products/services.

However, personalization makes this easy because when you send to your visitors a personalized message, they are impressed. This shows them that you listened, understood and responded appropriately to their specific needs. Thus, establishing credibility for your business among the consumers and quickly bonding them with your business.

Re-engages Back In active Leads

Your sales funnel has some potential leads that are stagnant and need a push to take action. As a matter of fact, re-engaging dormant leads tends to be difficult. However, leads that had earlier showed interest in your products/services are easier to re-engage back into your sales funnel.

So, with a friendly personalized message tailored to your inactive leads on what they had previously shown interest in, helps in re-engaging them back. As a result, the inactive leads are more likely to give a positive response because they are already in the funnel and just need a helping hand to take action.

But here’s the thing, with the help of a customer service app, you can take advantage of the inactive leads’ chat history to check on their interests. This information helps in creating a database to use as a reference while creating personalized messages for your personalized approach. On the other hand, you can also check on your visitors’ search history on your website like which pages they frequently visit for more information about them.

Increases Customer Engagement and Conversion

Personalization attracts consumers to frequently visit your website because they receive relevant information on the products/services of their interest. More so, the responsive rate from leads nurtured with personalized content is higher than that of non-personalized. This is a result of engaging consumers with your business at a more personal level.

Furthermore, cross-selling to customers with a more personalized approach, basing on each customer’s purchase background helps in driving them to buy more than one item. Thus, just a mere personal experience offered to your customers wins you a higher conversion rate.


An Experian study shows that personalized emails can generate revenue 6 times more than the non-personalized. More so, a Demand Gen Report study reveals that sales chances rise by 20% when you nurture leads with personalized content.

Boosts Customer Retention

Your current customers are in most cases your first target high-quality leads. Wondering why? Because they already have trust in your business and have had a great experience, that’s why they closed the first sale. Why does this matter? You can up-sell to your current customers with more of your products/services. By the way, with personalization, you’re required to collect data about your customers which you use to upsell to them. This happens after knowing their interests and you can recommend more products to your customers basing on that.

Best of all, the satisfied and retained customers are a gold mine of referrals for your business. How? With the positive experience they have with your business, satisfied customers don’t hesitate to recommend it to their family and friends.

Case in point:

A research at Wharton and Geothe university shows that referred customers tend to be loyal and are associated with a 16% long-term value. More so, a research by Neilson reveals that customers are more likely to buy from a business if referred to it by a friend.

Guides Leads Through the Sales Funnel

With a personalized customer approach, you are able to move with your leads through the sales funnel successfully. Here’s what I mean: you help them overcome objections along the way that might be stopping them from closing the sale.

Personalization ensures that every individual interest of each lead is taken care of. Feedback from each customer is received and issues are solved promptly for the satisfaction of every one. Customer inquiries are also taken care of with relevant answers tailored directly to the right person.

Want to know the best part? Messages can also be segmented and personalized according to the stage each particular lead is involved in.

Succeed at Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a great move towards winning more customers for your business. How can you actually succeed at this? With the help of a live chat service, you can give your leads a great experience through a personalized approach with them. And interact and engage with your leads in real time.

It’s no wonder by doing so that you win more sales. For example: according to Monate, 79% of all organizations that surpassed their revenue goals have a documented personalization strategy.