Updated Sep 9 2019 :: by Alex Yumashev

We're announcing a major update to Jitbit AutoText - our auto-typing tool, which is a great alternative to Mac-only Text Expander on the Windows platform.

AutoText is now free for personal use and small teams up to 5.

Use AutoText at no cost as an individual, a freelancer or in a small business with up to 5 employees. Many startups want to have AutoText as part of their customer service toolkit, but our per-user pricing was hard to justify. That is why most of our customers were big companies anyway - so we decided to make the tool free "for the rest of us". It's on us. You'll pay us back when your company grows to a certain size.

'AutoText is now free for personal use and small teams' was written by Alex Yumashev
Alex Yumashev
Alex has founded Jitbit in 2005 and is a software engineer passionate about customer support.

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