Updated Aug 26 2020 :: by Max Al Farakh

This product update is for the hosted customers only, not the on-premise ones.

As you probably already know, we provide a built-in email address for every client. For example, if your helpdesk name is "company.jitbit.com" you also get the "support@company.jitbit.com" email address out of the box. Any email sent to this address instantly creates a ticket or adds a reply to an existing ticket.

One way to use it is to set up a forwarding rule to the built-in address from your mailbox (for example, from "support@company.com" to "support@company.jitbit.com"). Another way is to simply give out the built-in address to your customers. They can send their requests and issues directly to "support@company.jitbit.com". Either one of those options would work fine, but we thought that we could improve on it in two ways.

First - the problem with the solution above is that it's not very flexible - every ticket is created in the default category. Most of Jitbit customers use the helpdesk app for multiple types of issues, so that multiple departments - tech support, sales, marketing etc. - work in a single app. That's where "categories" come in.

Starting today, each category in your Jitbit app has its own built-in email address. You can check it out if you go to any category settings in the admin panel. It looks like this:

Category email address

An email sent to anything-123@company.jitbit.com, where "123" is the category ID, will create a ticket in that particular category. You can put any word you want in front of the number as long as it's a valid email address, like "sales-123@company.jitbit.com" or "marketing-321@company.jitbit.com".

The second improvement, which is actually a side-effect of the previous one, is that your default address "support@company.jitbit.com" can now have anything you want in fornt of the @-sign, instead of the default "support", as long as it doesn't end in numbers. So, "sales@company.jitbit.com" would also work just fine.

As always, let us know what you think.

'Product Update: Multiple built-in email addresses' was written by Max Al Farakh
Max Al Farakh
Max is a co-founder/CTO of Jitbit with tons of experience in customer service.

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