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Product Update: Multiple built-in email addresses

by Max Al Farakh · Updated Aug 26 2020

This product update is for the hosted customers only, not the on-premise ones.

As you probably already know, we provide a built-in email address for every client. For example, if your helpdesk name is "" you also get the "" email address out of the box. Any email sent to this address instantly creates a ticket or adds a reply to an existing ticket.

One way to use it is to set up a forwarding rule to the built-in address from your mailbox (for example, from "" to ""). Another way is to simply give out the built-in address to your customers. They can send their requests and issues directly to "". Either one of those options would work fine, but we thought that we could improve on it in two ways.

First - the problem with the solution above is that it's not very flexible - every ticket is created in the default category. Most of Jitbit customers use the helpdesk app for multiple types of issues, so that multiple departments - tech support, sales, marketing etc. - work in a single app. That's where "categories" come in.

Starting today, each category in your Jitbit app has its own built-in email address. You can check it out if you go to any category settings in the admin panel. It looks like this:

Category email address

An email sent to, where "123" is the category ID, will create a ticket in that particular category. You can put any word you want in front of the number as long as it's a valid email address, like "" or "".

The second improvement, which is actually a side-effect of the previous one, is that your default address "" can now have anything you want in fornt of the @-sign, instead of the default "support", as long as it doesn't end in numbers. So, "" would also work just fine.

As always, let us know what you think.