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Product update: built-in screen capture - add videos and screenshots to help desk tickets

by Alex Yumashev · Updated Sep 9 2019

We are very proud and super stoked to announce a new help desk feature: you can now capture a screenshot or even record an entire video of your screen and attach it to your tickets. No extra software required, just use any modern browser.

This new feature uses the modern WebRTC technology ("web real time communications") that enables web apps to capture and stream live content from screens and cameras.

Here's how you do it:

0. Make sure you have a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox, this won't work in Internet Explorer

1. Open the "new help desk ticket" form and click the "capture screen" link below the textbox

2. You will be prompted if you would like to capture the entire screen or select an application window to record. We recommend recording a particular application to save space and upload time

3. After you're done recording your actions switch back to the helpdesk web application window and click "Finish recording". The resulting video will be attached to a ticket as a file.

We hope this new feature will help dramatically increase your customer support performance. How many time have asked your customer to "please provide a screenshot"? And then wait for hours or even days cause taking a screenshot (not to mention recording videos) can actually be challenging for a non tech savvy person. Well, not any more.

P.S. We are currently exploring live screen sharing possibilities via WebRTC too.