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Product update: Subtickets, Customer satisfaction surveys and Dependent custom fields

by Max Al Farakh · Updated Oct 18 2019

We are happy to announce three big new features. All of them were requested for a while now. And all of them are already live for the hosted customers so you can go ahead and give them a try. We'd love to hear your thoughts on how you think we can improve them.

On-premise customers can enjoy subtickets in version 9.16. The other two are coming in 9.17 due to release in early November.


At Jitbit we often find ourselves in a situation when we have to deal with multiple unrelated issues for a customer, but they were all submitted in a single ticket. This is very inconvenient because different people need to work on different issues, have a separate conversation and time-tracking, etc. If you do it all in a single ticket it becomes a big mess.

We've already had a number of splitting and merging optons to deal with those situations - you could link and merge tickets, convert tickets into replies to another ticket, convert replies into separate tickets and have multiple assignees.

Now we introduce subtickets. Check out this video (25 seconds, no sound):

Subtickets are a very easy and straightforward way to split one big task into multiple smaller ones. You can see the hierarchy in the ticket page or even in the main ticket list.

Customers satisfaction surveys

This one was the longest standing feature-request in our internal backlog. We finally made it - now you can survey your customers in "ticket has been closed" email notifications.

All you need to do is add #RatingLinks# in the "Ticket closed" email template in "Administration - Email". Make sure you have "ticket closed" notifications enabled as well. Also make sure the "CC all subscribers" setting is off to enable this feature, otherwise the app would be sending the rating prompt to everyone on the ticket, not just the originator.

After you do that your customers will be able to leave their rating by following a link in an email notification after you close a ticket.

We also have a report to go with it. Check it out in Reports - Customer satisfaction.

Dependent custom fields

Here is another 25-second video that shows how dependent custom fields work:

It only works with "combo selection" custom fields. The basic premise of it is the values shown in custom field B are dependent on what you pick in custom field A. The video above shows exactly what it looks like for your customers on the new ticket form.

Create a new combo selection custom field, click "edit options" and press the "make this field dependent" to get started.

Bonus update: referencing tickets by numbers

Did you know that you can type ##12345 anywhere and it will be automatically converted to a link to that ticket number? We have another quick video: