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6 Lesser Known Helpdesk Ticketing Features Everyone Loves

by Alex Yumashev · Updated May 4 2022

We track feature usage. And as it turns out, along with the "core" helpdesk functions, like tight email integration (creates tickets from incoming emails), or "single sign-on" (authenticates users against the company's existing accounts), here's some lesser known but VERY productive help desk features our customers love:

1. Automation

used by: 79.4% of Jitbit customers

"If this - do that" engine opens up endless possibilities. How about when a ticket has "printer issues" in the subject line - the helpdesk app launches a script that cleans up the printer spooler via an API call? And then auto-responds "please try again". It's the little automations like that, the ones that depend on content of the incoming email, that can ease your support load drastically.

Here's more automation examples:

2. Email forwarding

used by: 74.5% of Jitbit customers

Imagine someone sent an email to your personal mailbox by mistake, instead of emailing the support inbox? Forward the email to the "official" helpdesk-monitored address, and have the app create a ticket as if the end user had emailed techsupport themselves. That's called "email forwarding" and it extracts the original sender from forwarded email. Our customers love this feature.

3. "Company" accounts and contact management

used by: 84.4% of Jitbit customers

When a ticketing app is used, for example, by an MSP - the MSP needs to know which company (or department) the user belongs to. What were the previous interactions, how they were resolved and how long it took. Of even better - have a setting that maps email domains to companies automatically: "all email from the domain maps to company account XYZ" without the need to connect the dots manually. And you can see assigned "assets", pre-populate client information from an external source (like your in-house CRM system) etc.

4. Ticket dependencies

used by: 43.7% of Jitbit customers

The ability to quickly build a simple "project" out of a collection of tickets. Linking tickets, merging related tickets, make one ticket a "subticket" of another, creating custom statuses for tickets, managing "due dates" and seeing that on a calendar view or a Gantt chart.

5. Templates, custom fields and customizations

used by: 80.7% of Jitbit customers

Having ticket templates that depend on a ticket "category" can be a life saver when filling out repetitive information. Custom fields like "job title", "issue type" etc. come useful too. And not just for tickets - for users accounts and "companies" too.

That's not all. Power users love our "custom JavaScript apps" that you can embed right into our pages, along with custom CSS code, HTML announcements. Not familiar with code? Not a problem, we also have visual color editors, logo/favicon upload for less tech savvy users.

6. Time tracking

used by: 58.9% of Jitbit customers

Every time someone is working on a ticket, the helpdesk app can track the "time spent" - via manual entry or automatic timer/ticker. Allowing you to track where your teams time is going, quickly identifying pain points.