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Zapier Help Desk integration is released with new features

by Max Al Farakh · Sep 27 2016

Ever since we started developing Jitbit Helpdesk, we’ve been focusing on keeping the app simple. We believe this is what makes us stand out from the competition – our help desk is not bloated with dozens of buttons, checkboxes, and features that you will never use. Jitbit Helpdesk is a product built for a single purpose – being a ticketing system for email customer support.

However, we don’t want to force our users to work in Jitbit in a certain “right way”. We want to keep you in control while still remaining an easy-to-use tool that gets out of your way. That’s why we keep adding a lot of integrations with third-party apps so that you can seamlessly include Jitbit into your existing workflows and make them even better. And the most important integration of them all – Zapier – has been released today.

What is Zapier

Simply put, Zapier lets you integrate different apps with each other. They support more than 500 apps, and all of them can be integrated one into another. Every app can either “trigger” an action in another app or be "triggered by" another app. So you can do things like:

“When I get a Twitter mention - create a new ticket in Jitbit,”


“When a new Jitbit ticket is created, send me a Slack notification.”

There’s a lot of possibilities. And Zapier has a much more detailed article on how it works:

As for the price - you can create up to five integrations (they are called “Zaps”) for free.

What can you do in Jitbit with Zapier?

Jitbit has two “triggers” and one “action” in Zapier.

First, you can create a new ticket when something happens in another app. You can set the ticket subject, body, category, etc. All those things can contain data that comes from that other app. So, in the Twitter example above, the ticket body could be the tweet itself.

Next, you can trigger some action in other apps when a new ticket has been created or closed in Jitbit Helpdesk. A good use-case example would be sending out “survey emails” after a ticket has been closed. And you can do that starting of today.

You can create your own automated workflows from scratch on Zapier, or can get started with some of our most popular automated workflows by clicking “Use this Zap” on any of the examples below:

If you tried our Zapier integration before (after all it was in a closed beta for a long time) and haven’t found it useful, I urge you to try it again. We’ve added and rewritten a bunch of stuff. In addition to the new “ticket is closed” trigger we rewrote the “new ticket is created” trigger so that it sends a lot more data about the created ticket. Also, all Zaps are now easy and quick to set up. It takes just a couple of clicks.

I’m very excited about this. I also personally worked with Zapier guys closely for the last couple of months, and I have no problems trusting them with our customers – they care about their users and their product a lot. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Jitbit Helpdesk integration on Zapier, this is a great time to do it.