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A lot of our customers still choose the on-premise helpdesk over the more convenient hosted version for various reasons. Over time maintaining your own server gets harder and harder - your database grows, things break, you need to install OS and Jitbit updates.

While we had the "hosted to on-opremise" migration service for a while now, we've been getting a lot of requests from clients who wanted to move "from their own server to hosted" lately. But we simply couldn't do it. Given our current architecture, it was really hard to merge customer's local data into our database.

This week over the holidays we've finally found some time to figure this out. Tired of all the hassle with your own server? Now we can migrate you to the hosted version.

Why hosted?

Here are some of the benefits of using the hosted version:

  • Not maintaining your own server. Forget all the headache and leave it to us. Just make your customers happy - we will deal with the technical stuff.
  • Speed. Chances are our hosted version is much faster than your own server. We constantly tweak performance and when something goes wrong we can look into it and fix it. We also use a super-fast CDN and caching features to make your helpdesk load instantly no matter where you are in the world.
  • Security. We take security very seriously and install all the critical patches on day one. As an added bonus, the hosted version is HIPAA-compliant.
  • Stability. Despite a couple of outages, we've had %99.98 uptime this year. If things go wrong someone is always close to a PC and can fix it. We are here on weekends, on Christmas eve, whenever. If we are sleeping when a server goes down we will be woken up by alerts on our phones. There's never been an issue that we didn't react to within 10 minutes. Also, as our current customers can attest, we do our best to communicate constantly during outages.
  • Slightly more features. We try to keep both versions identical feature-wise, but there are things we can only do in the hosted version. For example, push notifications for the mobile app and built-in mailboxes. We also have some great stuff coming in early 2018 only for the hosted version.
  • We can help you easier. When you have a question or a problem we can just take a look and fix it. If you have the on-premise version we usually need to exchange a ton of emails and screenshots before we can figure it out.

How to migrate to the hosted version

Start by contacting our support and we'll schedule the migration. We are going to need a backup of your database and that's it.

Currently, we can only do it on weekends, so the best option is to send us your backup on Friday evening. Depending on the size of your database the whole process takes us 1-3 hours. It's free for everyone. Please note that at this time we can transfer everything except your file attachments.

Read this article for more details: Migration from server help desk to hosted

'[New Service] Migrate from On-Premise to Hosted HelpDesk' was written by Max Al Farakh
Max Al Farakh
Max is a co-founder/CTO of Jitbit with tons of experience in customer service.

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