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Lead Conversion with Better Customer Service Secrets Revealed

by Alex Yumashev · Updated Sep 9 2019

Consistent lead conversion is one of the biggest achievements you can dream of as a business owner. Why? Because it's a sign of more profits and business development resulting from sales maximization.

That's why you need unique moves to be able to convince your leads throughout the stages of your sales funnel until they make a purchase decision.

Guess what? With great customer service, leads can easily be convinced to close the sale. Through implementing better customer service ideas and helping your leads overcome objections at every stage in the sales funnel, the success of your sales process is enhanced.

Here's how you can increase your conversion rate with better customer support:

Send Scheduled and Friendly Follow-ups

Following up on your leads helps in re-engaging them back into your sales funnel and also wakes up your inactive leads. However, your lead conversion sales force shouldn't be stingy to your leads by disrupting them with messages all the time. Wondering why? Your messages may end up in your leads spam folders. You don't have to push them hard as they might end up having a bad experience with your business.

On the other hand, it's healthy to send your leads messages/emails at least once a week in a friendly tone.

It's no wonder that by doing so, you win a golden opportunity of standing out and winning more sales because only few businesses continue following up on their leads.

As a matter of fact, according to Marketing Donut, only 2% of sales succeed at the first approach. The remaining 98% happen after winning your lead's trust through consistent follow-ups.

It further reveals the following statistics:

Here's what it means: The 92% of salespeople lose interest on the fourth approach thus only the 8% move on and succeed. Furthermore, 80% of sales succeed after the fifth approach, so continue following up with a set schedule and friendly messages.

Build Trust

Establish trust with your leads because they won't convert into customers to strangers. They have to be well-versed with your business and its products/services. That's why they are always online looking for all information they can get. Be transparent and give them correct answers about anything they need to know.

More so, reply to all texts because according to a Super Office study of 1000 websites, 21% live text requests with a number of businesses went ignored. However, stand out and build trust by responding to all your leads text requests giving them a better customer experience.

Request For Feedback

You should ask for feedback from your leads about their experience with your business at every stage of your sales funnel. This assists you to break the ice and resolve issues that might be stopping them from closing the sale.

Here's what I mean: With this, you use the customer voice in evaluating your performance and also observe your weak areas that need improvements. This impresses your leads and assures them that you are concerned about their satisfaction. It also shows that you value their contributions towards better service delivery.

Moreover, 45% of most businesses don't request for feedback and end up losing out

Provide Timely Responses

Timely responses create a great first impression with your leads because most businesses take long to provide answers to leads inquiries. As a result, many customers abandon their purchases if you can't give them quick answer. There are various ways you can achieve this such as:

Bots are instant messaging software automated to provide information to your leads when the live agent is away. And are a quicker means of answering basic customer questions. By the way, bots are always present 24/7 to serve your leads. Surprisingly, they can friendly handle different customers including those with the worst behaviors.

The live agent has to answer questions quickly before leads lose interest. If he/she can't handle a question on time, the agent can pass it over quickly to another team member who can help out.

With this, your leads are more likely to buy because you provide them with a direct and personal approach. For example : A Marketing Power study shows that leads who use the live response platform of your business are 3 times more likely to buy.

Be Flexible in Your Communication

Your communication style should fit your audience such that you are able to tailor the relevant information to your leads and also engage them in your communication channel. Well, with the billions and billions of smart phones in the world, customers are more attached to text messaging than ever.

Look at this:

According to Pew Internet, 80% of American adults involve in texting and 97% of Americans use texting at least once every day. But wait there's more, a Mobile Marketing Watch study also reveals that text messages have the highest open rates of 98% than email of 20%.

During the lead conversion process, communicate with your leads at their convenience with the communication channel of their choice. Best of all, leads move along with their mobile phones whenever they go thus can receive your messages whenever they are and take action.

Case In Point

Lead conversion can be tricky and hard because leads are exposed to many offers on the market. Thus, you need to stand out with better customer service to give your leads the best experience ever.

You can also personalize your approaches to strengthen the bond between your business and leads. How is this actually relevant? According to a Demand Gen Report study, there's a 20% increase in sales chances when leads are nurtured with personalized content.

But here's the kicker: With the help of a customer service app, you can optimize all your customer and lead communication and give your leads an overwhelming experience.