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The Power Of A Mobile Help Desk Towards Your Customer Support Success

by Alex Yumashev · Nov 14 2018

Consistent improvement on your customer support in this digital era is becoming inevitable with the new emerging customer needs. Let me explain: customer support is evolving day by day due to the changes in customer behaviors because of advances in technology.

As a matter of fact, with the billions and billions of smartphones all over the world, customers today are more attached to their mobile phones than ever. And with the smart technology, they want to do everything using their phones as it’s quick, easier, and flexible.

Look at this:

According to Pew Internet, almost two-thirds of Americans today own a smartphone and 19% of them rely on smartphones to a certain percentage for accessing services online. Furthermore, 15% of young adults between the ages of 18 to 29 are heavily dependent on smartphones for online access.

Wondering how to embrace this? With the best help desk software, you are provided with a mobile help desk app for both your customers and support team. Best of all it’s for both iOS and Android.

Here’s why you need a mobile help desk for your customer support:

1. It’s Flexible.

Customers need your help all the time that’s why they call for a 24/7 service. Here’s what I mean: every time they engage your business for help, they need it now not later.

For example, 75% of customers say it takes very long time to engage with live support agents which puts you at a risk of having unhappy customers. But with a mobile IT ticketing app, your live agents can provide your customers help wherever they are.

By the way, it can be installed on the devices of your support team’s choice such as on either their smartphone or tablets. This allows your IT support team to be in touch with your customers even when they are off the keyboard.

It’s no wonder by doing so that you win more customer trust for your brand and more customers are engaged in your sales funnel.

2. It’s Popular On The Market.

There are billions and billions of smartphones being used in the market today for buying, sending inquiries, making payments thus people are used to different mobile applications. In fact, customers choose texting as the best channel for contacting various businesses which is dominantly done through their mobile phones.

Wondering why? Because it’s fast as they get quicker responses and solutions to their inquiries in less time than other communication channels which makes it their ideal channel.


A study by Experian Marketing Services reveals the following statistics:

· Adults between 18 to 24 years receive and send 3,853 texts a month.

· Adults between 25 to 34 years receive and send 2,240 texts a month.

· Adults between 36 to 44 years receive and send 1,557 texts a month.

· Adults between 45 to 54 years receive and send 998 texts a month.

· Adults over 55 years receive and send 491 texts a month

What does this mean? Majority of consumers in the different age brackets are used to texting. So no matter your target group, they are more likely to welcome the mobile IT ticketing service.

3. It Personalizes Customer Support.

Customers love information that is tailored specifically to them. Here’s what I mean: they need answers that are relevant to their questions. And with a mobile customer support app, you win the golden opportunity of getting more details about your customer such as their location, behaviors, and interests after observing their engagement.

This helps in personalizing your communication with your customers which delights them and sticks them to your business.

More so, you can provide your consumers with updates on anything they had previously shown interest in. Well, it’s possible after checking the previously submitted tickets by the particular customer. This wows them and creates a lasting impression with them for your business.

Case in point: Sales Force study reveals that by 2020, 75% of consumers will have to support businesses that offer personalized experiences. And 84% of customers say that they can be won over by a business that treats them like a person and not a number.

4. It Makes Your Customer Support Stand Out.

Despite the overwhelming benefits of mobile customer service apps, few businesses have embraced them. And this is an opportunity you need to grab such that your business stands out with its customer support.

A mobile IT ticketing app helps your customers to contact your business at any time by just a simple tap of a button. So, it’s not surprising that it popularizes your customer support in the market.

Want to know the best part? This popularity is key to grabbing the biggest market share as it drives more customer engagement and loyalty to your business. Thus, you win a commanding role in your industry over your competitors.

5. It Keeps Your Support Team In Touch All The Time.

For the efficiency of your customer support, your support team must work together towards achieving the common goal of customer happiness. So with a customer service mobile app, your team is linked together wherever they are.

Well, here’s how: it allows all team members to view and reply to tickets using their mobile phones, search for tickets, assign technicians and so much more. Thus, favors the smooth running of your support department. Why? Because work doesn’t stop even if any of the team members are missing from the office as they can carry out their tasks from anywhere.

Revolutionize Your Customer Support.

Customers today are always eager and expect better services every time they engage with your business. That’s why you need to work towards improving their experiences all the time so as to maintain their long-term loyalty.

For example, the 2012 state of the Global Customer Service Report reveals that 54% of consumers today expect much from the customer service of most businesses. And the number increases to 66% for customers in the 18 to 34 years age bracket.

So, embrace the best IT ticketing system to revolutionize your customer support with a mobile app for your team and customers which is as comfortable as the desktop version.