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AI features in Jitbit Helpdesk

by Max Al Farakh · Updated Oct 12 2023


  1. Jitbit Helpdesk can now use AI to generate automatic ticket responses by using your Knowledge Base articles for context. Just enable "ChatGPT" integration in Administration - Integrations - ChatGPT and enjoy the benefits.
  2. We've also rewritten the "suggested KB articles" module to use a local (as in "your data is not shared with anyone") Large Language Model (LLM) to vectorize a ticket and locate similar content, which improves relevance drastically.

Both features are available in the SaaS version only (explanation below) at no additional cost.

You're probably familiar with ChatGPT and the myriad AI advancements made in recent year, especially in the realm of Large Language Models (LLMs). They're generating a lot of buzz nowadays. Mention that your startup is dabbling in AI, and suddenly investors are lining up, ready to invest millions.

Yet, at Jitbit, we value substance over hype. Our engagement with AI isn't just for show; it's about genuine utility. After careful development, we're excited to unveil our initial offering.

In this article, we'll delve into our creations using ChatGPT and other AI technologies. All our paying SaaS customers can access this feature, regardless of their pricing plan.

NOTE: Due to the need for an additional server to run supporting Python code, most features discussed in this article apply to the SaaS version only. On-premise customers can still enjoy basic ChatGPT integration using their own OpenAI API key.

Getting started

First things first - you need to turn the ChatGPT integration on. We've set the ChatGPT integration to opt-in by default to give you control, as your data will be sent to the OpenAI API. It's up to you to decide if you want to do it or not. Here is their privacy policy for reference.

settings screenshot

Go to Administration - Integrations - ChatGPT. You will see two settings:

  1. Enable ChatGPT integration - adds a GPT button to the area where you write new replies. More on this later. This setting is also available to the on-premise customers. If you enable just this setting ChatGPT will know nothing about your company, services and products.
  2. Use your KB for suggestions - this is where all the magic happens. We will take your Knowledge Base and index it using the ChatGPT API. After that, ChatGPT will use your KB articles to generate replies to tickets.

We heavily recommend you enable the KB setting because it makes a lot of difference. We are assuming that you have both settings on in the rest of this article.

After you enable the integration you will see the "GPT" button in the reply area:

gpt button

When you click it you will see this: gpt tools

Let's look at all the options you have in more detail.

Generate a ticket response

Click this button to generate a ticket response:

The app will take the original ticket and the conversation that happened in it, then we compile it in a certain way, find similar articles in your knowledge base, wrap it all up and send a request to ChatGPT.

Sometimes it generates shockingly good replies. Here is a random example of the one I got yesterday as a response to one of our own support tickets:

Thank you for reaching out. If you are looking for the Helpdesk change log and release schedule, you can find all the new features, improvements, and bug fixes here:

For hosted version customers, changes are deployed daily, and notable changes are posted on our Twitter account:

For server version customers, new releases are typically done monthly, but there are no set dates. You can find the upgrade manual here:!!!helpdesk-software-readme.htm#upgrade

If you are having issues with setting the Helpdesk Server URL for email notifications, please refer to these instructions:!!!helpdesk-software-readme.htm#hurl

Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with.

All this information was available in our KB. Our code took it from several articles and ChatGPT compiled it into a great reply.

The key here is to keep your KB detailed and up to date. The more info you have the better results the AI will generate.

Ticket summary

You can easily summarize tickets now. I personally use this one a lot. Often someone from our team asks for my help on a ticket. I come to take a look and it has a very long back-and-forth that has been going on for a week.

Now I can just click a button and get a list of bullet points and key takeways.

Improve your reply

Take your reply and make it better: fix grammar, make it more polite, etc. It's great for non-native English speakers as well.

Here is what I got when I wrote "unfortunately, it's not possible" and asked it to improve my reply:

Custom prompt

You can write anything you want ChatGPT to do. Treat it like you would with the standard ChatGPT, but with the added benefit of the ticket's context. For example, you can ask it to write a polite rejection to a feature request.

Similar KB articles suggestions

We've been suggesting helpful KB articles to both customers and technicians for years. But it has not been working that great simply because the technology was not there.

We've improved it a lot for everyone regardless if you have GPT enabled or not. That said, if you have it enabled the suggestions should be way better.

Previously we used natural language processing to extract keyphrases and "entities" and then use them to find similar articles. This technology has never been good and now it is outdated.

Now we vectorize your articles and the ticket using a language model and use math to find the closest articles to a ticket. Judging by our tests it has been working very well.

Plans for the future

This is the initial release of our AI features. We have plans to improve the current features and add new ones in the near future.

For example, not everyone has a knowledge base. It takes effort and time to write one. We plan to help you write the articles with AI.

Or maybe you have a knowledge base, but it is not in Jitbit? We are looking into ways to let you upload your own sources from outside of Jitbit.

We also have a live chat module. We'll see if we can add a chatbot in there as well.

Have other ideas? As always, we'll be happy to hear from you.