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Nov 15 2009

I saw this CAPTCHA today: continued...

Sep 30 2009
ASP.NET Image Resizing - out of memory problem

Another post for ASP.NET developers reading this blog. If you think these posts do not belong here, please leave a comment, and I'll consider moving my development articles to a separate blog.
Any ASP.NET developer who tries to create "on-the-fly" image-thumbnails in his web-application, sooner or later faces this crappy annoying "out of memory" exception, that is thrown when you use Image.FromStream or Image.GetThumbnailImage. Sometimes it is thrown when working with big (>5Mb) images, sometimes it's thrown for all images. continued...

Aug 28 2009
Macro Recorder: another trigger example - wait for pixel

Another example of "triggering" events with our Macro Recorder software using its "IF" statement. Below is a macro-script that makes Macro Recorder wait until a pixel at the given coordinates becomes white. Since Macro Recorder does not have a "wait for pixel" command, we have to use the IF statement: continued...

Aug 18 2009
WYSIWYG BBCode editor (free)

If you follow us at the Jitbit's Twitter account, you might already know that a couple of days ago I was searching for a WYSIWYG BBCode editor. I never found any. So we decided to build our own. Free and open-sourced. continued...

Aug 17 2009
Email support vs. Phone support #2

Today we received a phone call from a potential customer, who was trying to install our ASP.NET forum software and requested to speak to someone from the development team. John (that's not his real name) has refused to specify his questions by email, insisting on an phone call or at least an online skype/gtalk text-chat. continued...

Aug 8 2009
Jitbit Macro Recorder and locking a workstation

From time to time we receive support questions, asking if a macro, created with our Macro Recorder can run while the computer is locked. continued...

Jul 27 2009
ASP.NET Forms Authentication "Remember Me"

Another post for ASP.NET developers. By the way if you think these posts do not belong to this blog, please leave a comment, and I'll consider moving my development articles to a separate blog.
Today I needed to set up a "remember me" functionality for our web-based HelpDesk app and small-business CRM app login pages. If you ever tried to achieve this using .NET's FormsAuthentication, you might have noticed that... it's just not working. Even if you pass the "createPersistentCookie" parameter value as "true" when initializing FormsAuthentication - the cookie still lives for a limited time only - the time specified as the Forms-Authentication timeout in "web.config". Then the cookie dies. continued...

Jul 7 2009
Calling ASP.NET Web Services from jQuery

Another post for ASP.NET developers reading this blog (if any). continued...

Jun 9 2009
Why should I buy from a small software company?

Imagine you've found an error in a product from some huge international software corporation, let's call it "MacroHard". I bet it has already happened to you a couple of times. Imagine you contact "MacroHard" to let them know about the error. Now think of the chances that this error would actually be fixed in a reasonable amount of time. The probability is close to zero, huh? Also think of the chances that MacroHard will contact you personally when it's fixed... continued...

May 7 2009
Saying "No" to your customer

Continuing the "tech support bits": Don't be afraid to say "no" to a customer. continued...

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