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Jun 27 2011
"90% of your users are idiots"

I just overheard this conversation between two developers at a co-working site:

"I plan creating a prototype for my new XXXX application, whatcha think it should be - a web-app, or a desktop app?"

May 22 2011
What If Drivers Were Hired Like Programmers?

What if drivers were hired like software developers? continued...

Apr 30 2011
Rootkit on a brand new Toshiba Laptop

Sorry for the offtopic, this post has nothing to do with startups, web-development or entrepreneurship, but I felt I should still write this
I've just discovered a built-in rootkit in my wife's brand new Toshiba laptop. A non-removable malicious software application right from the manufacturer. That even captured and sent-out screenshots of my wife's work... But first things first. continued...

Apr 17 2011
Why I hate IE6. And why I miss IE6

I'm getting kinda tired of cross-browser development. Yes, I know... The more the better, competition rocks, rendering standards are great, FireFox is cool, Chrome is awesome, and the evil MSIE monopoly is sacrilege. continued...

Apr 12 2011
Lessons learned from The Traffic Spike

My recent blog post about the Chinese hard drive has attracted HUGE amounts of traffic continued...

Apr 8 2011
Electronic Reader Running Doom 2

Being a huge fan of electronic readers, I could not pass this up. This is a leaked video of Doom 2 running on "PocketBook 360 Plus" prototype, recorded by a PocketBook employee. To be precise, it's running PrBoom - a Linux port of the original game from id Software. continued...

Apr 7 2011
Chinese Magical Hard-Drive

A Russian friend of mine has posted this absolutely amazing story. continued...

Apr 4 2011
Happy Webmasters Day

While deploying a new build of our hosted help-desk I ran into a bunch of "not found" service pages... And then realized that it's the 4th of April! continued...

Apr 1 2011
ASP.NET Session: Caching Expiring Values

Another post for ASP.NET/C# developers reading this blog. If you think these posts do not belong here, please leave a comment, and I'll consider moving my development articles to a separate blog.
Pretty often I need to cache something in the Session object, and expire the stored value after, say, 5 minutes. Just like it would in the ASP.NET Cache storage.

But the session state has no expiration concept. And the Cache object - well, cache is not specific to a user-session, it's application-wide. So I created this tiny useful extension class for this. Hope the code explains itself: continued...

Mar 30 2011
Protecting your startup's server from attacks

Our server that powers the support ticket system was kinda hacked the other day. The attacker has obtained an FTP password for one of our servers and was able to download some stuff - thank God nothing critical... continued...

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