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Mar 30 2011
Protecting your startup's server from attacks

Our server that powers the support ticket system was kinda hacked the other day. The attacker has obtained an FTP password for one of our servers and was able to download some stuff - thank God nothing critical... continued...

Mar 15 2011
Thank God Japan is well prepared

This could sound outrageous. This could sound awful and even offensive. Please forgive me for saying this. But. continued...

Mar 14 2011
KeyFreeze - free tool that locks keyboard and mouse

I have kids so I know what it's like, when they're having a Skype-talk with their grandparents - they keep accidentally pressing buttons, moving the mouse etc etc. continued...

Feb 23 2011
Macro Recorder is dead. Long live Macro Recorder!

It's been a while since I announced anything "official" on this blog, but this announcement is worth mentioning here. continued...

Feb 10 2011
6 Steps to Boost Your Productivity


Jan 20 2011
Describing Your Product

All you have is one or two seconds of the visitor's attention while he "scans" your landing page. Because - remember? - "users don't read, they scan". continued...

Jan 18 2011
Free Macro Recorder for Beta Testers

Along with the existing ways to get a free Macro Recorder we are happy to announce another one: continued...

Jan 13 2011
Eat Your Own Dog Food [Mistakes I made #4]

This is the forth post in the "Mistakes I made" series, where I share the "donts" of my startup experience.

Jan 11 2011
Email Disclaimers and the Environment

Today I got this short email message that contained 5-6 words and a huge disclaimer below it: continued...

Jan 11 2011
Lazy SEO #2

I already blogged about "Lazy SEO" - or so I call it - one of the regular promotion tasks we do here at Jitbit.


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