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Sep 11 2010
Abandon unsuccessful projects [Mistakes I made #1]

This is the first post in the "Mistakes I made" series, where I share the "donts" of my startup experience. continued...

Aug 31 2010
How To Bend The Universe

I know a guy who's grandfather has bent the universe once.


Aug 8 2010
Developing a Haul Truck (MS Employee Interview)

I just had a Skype-chat with a close friend of mine who works at Microsoft. With his kind permission I'm posting some of the quotes below (translated by me): continued...

Jul 6 2010
Jitbit Turns Five Years (Thanks Ken!)

I just realized, that this June is five years since I started Jitbit Software. Seems like it was yesterday. Actually, I started in 2002 as a tiny custom software development studio, but the "Jitbit" brand is only five.


Jun 22 2010
Long Exposure Photography: Planes

Long exposure photos of aircrafts at San-Francisco International Airport. Stunning. Credit: Terence Chang and some other unknown photographers. continued...

Jun 13 2010
Optimizing the Funnel

If you think of it - everything that a startup does (except for the actual software development part) is "optimizing the funnel". continued...

Jun 2 2010
Gmail SMTP

I'm so sick and tired of trying to make the Gmail SMTP-server work. continued...

Apr 19 2010
Moving SQL table text/image to a new filegroup

Another post for ASP.NET/SQL developers reading this blog. If you think these posts do not belong here, please leave a comment, and I'll consider moving my development articles to a separate blog.

Apr 15 2010
Nokia Nenya - control your cellphone with a ring on your finger

Unlike Google Motion, this is not an April Fool's Joke, but a real concept product from Finnish cell phone giant Nokia. continued...

Apr 5 2010
[Jitbit Blog]: New server, SSL support for hosted products

1. New server. Good Friday was a disaster. Our main server was down for a couple of hours. It had run out of the non-paged kernel memory. Thank God it was nighttime. And thank God it was Good Friday. But I've had enough. We are done with our current providers and we are in the process of moving to a brand new server, in a new datacenter (downtown Denver), with a new technology (Hyper-V instead of Virtuozzo) and a new operating system (Windows Server 2008 instead of 2003). I hope we'll finish things up in the next few days (fingers crossed) keeping it seamless for our users and customers. continued...

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