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Jan 11 2011
Lazy SEO #2

I already blogged about "Lazy SEO" - or so I call it - one of the regular promotion tasks we do here at Jitbit.


Jan 6 2011
Quitting Your Fulltime Job [Mistakes I made #3]

This is the third post in the "Mistakes I made" series, where I share the "donts" of my startup experience.
The biggest mistake I ever made in my life as an entrepreneur was - not quitting my fulltime job in time. Even after Jitbit Software was making a four-times bigger income, I was still afraid to quit working for the big boss. Don't make that mistake. continued...

Jan 3 2011
My Travel Backpack Contents

I travel a lot. Conferences, business-trips and of course, leisure... The latter involves working anyway, since running a software company means no freaking vacations ever. So this is my backpack and what I have in it: continued...

Dec 31 2010
How To Shrink Log on MS SQL 2008

SQL Server 2008 does not support the "backup log with truncate_only" option any longer. So if you want to shrink a database transaction log on an SQL 2008 server, use this script: continued...

Dec 28 2010
9 Tips to Improve Your English

English is my second language. And even though I started learning it when I was 7, became pretty fluent and have no trouble understanding what people say (well, except for some Scottish lads) I do have some... you know... "slow" moments... trying to... em... you know... figure the right words. continued...

Dec 24 2010
Our Two Cents on SOPA

Jitbit Software has just transferred all of it's domains away from GoDaddy because of their SOPA bill support.

That's the least I can do. I'm outside the US, so I don't have a congressman to contact. If you are - sending a letter to your congressman is the only way to prevent the bill from being approved.

If you’re not sure what the "Stop Online Piracy Act" is - visit this link and read SOPA For Dummies

Now, there's a question that haunts me these days. Lots of non-tech friends, ex-colleagues, even some fellow hackers keep asking me:

"If you're selling downloadable software online, you're supposed to support SOPA, right?"

Dec 22 2010
I Just Fired a Sales Guy [Mistakes I made #2]

This is the second post in the "Mistakes I made" series, where I share the "donts" of my startup experience.
I'm a software developer. I knew nothing about sales when I started. I knew a lot about frameworks, object-oriented-stuff, databases, even about web-design. But nothing about sales. So I hired a guy - a very distant acquaintance from the university - to do some part-time consulting for me. Hoping to offer him a fulltime job one day and, who knows, may be even a share.


Dec 15 2010
Outside money is evil

The "TechCrunch Moscow" conference I've recently attended, has made me sad. Not just because of lack of useful startup content. But because most of the Russian startups I met there were dreaming of outside money. continued...

Nov 12 2010
Give Me Some Angry Feedback

Here's an old story I've learned a lot from. Once I had lunch with an ex co-worker of mine and the restaurant turned out to be an awful place - they brought us the wrong order, the waiter was impolite, the food was rubbish, the dishes were dirty etc. continued...

Oct 25 2010
Reasons to Hate iTunes

This post has nothing to do with Jitbit Software or its products. It has nothing to do with entrepreneurship, startups or other topics I usually cover. This post was supposed to be a follow-up review of the awesome Joel's Business of Software 2010 conference in Boston, but instead of writing the review, I've spent a sleepless night trying to bring my wife's laptop back to life after she had upgraded iTunes 9 to 10. continued...

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