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8 Striking Ways How a Help Desk App Can Optimize Your IT Department’s Efficiency

by Alex Yumashev · Updated Apr 4 2019

An efficient IT department is a dream of most business owners because it leads to the smooth running of other business departments. And in this tech-driven world, most departments in different organizations run on technology.

However, so as to get the most out of your IT department, you need to provide them with the right tools that will enable them to satisfactorily handle their tasks. More so, link efficiently with your other business departments.

As a matter of fact, according to MetricNet, when your IT help desk employees are happy with their jobs, customer satisfaction rises and their turnover and absenteeism rates reduce.

Thus, with an IT ticketing system, you provide your IT department with a reliable digital helping hand that gives them the best working experience and enhances their productivity.

Here are ways through which a help desk software can boost your IT department’s efficiency:

1. Provides metrics for Performance Evaluation

Reviewing helpdesk data for your organization helps you in analyzing the performance of your IT professionals. Such as checking on their response time, total replies and time to fast response. This helps you in identifying your IT team’s strongest and weakest areas and giving them feedback about their work. It also reveals to you where to make improvements for a better performance.

Look at this:

A research by OfficeVibe shows that 43% of employees with high engagement levels at work receive feedback about their performance at least once per week. So evaluate your IT department’s performance and give them feedback to keep them more engaged with their tasks.

More so, if one of the IT professionals is brilliant at a certain task, all similar tasks can be assigned to him or her for more efficiency in handling those tickets.

2. Enhances Auto- Assignment of Tickets

A help desk software allows you to check different tickets and assign issues automatically based on pre-determined criteria. This helps in easing all the work in the IT department because it takes only limited time and effort to assign and the work goes to the relevant person.

Best of all, you can also set due dates and the issues or tickets are assigned automatically on those dates to the right tech support.

For example, you can decide to auto assign tickets to tech support for each company department. Like supply issues to one concerned with store's department, quality issues to the quality control department and tax issues to the accounting department on the relevant dates and time.

3. Drives Multi-Tasking

Your IT professionals are given the golden opportunity of working on the same tickets at the same time. Wondering how? The IT team can categorize and organize similar issues that it can handle in a single trip from the server room. This saves a lot of time in handling issues and yet most of them are satisfactorily solved. Thus, maximizes your IT department’s productivity in less time.

And according to the Management Study Guide, multitasking employees have higher rates of survival even in the worst situations so they are productive all the time no matter what.

4. It's Convenient

Some help desk apps have mobile apps that your IT team can install on their devices like mobile phones and tablets to be connected to the team and customers wherever they are. Here’s what I mean: the mobile help desk allows your IT professionals to assign technicians, search for tickets, view and reply to tickets and much more even when they are off the keyboard. This enables the team’s work to run smoothly even if some of the members are away because they are still linked together.

Furthermore, if there are some of the day’s tasks still pending at the end of the day, it can be handled by the team while in the cab being driven home or at home during some free time.

And Guess what? With Jitbit’s mobile helpdesk you are as comfortable as you are with the desktop version and it supports both iOS and Android.

5. Involves Quick set up And is Cost Effective

Help desk software is very easy to set up and starts running in minutes. Well, here’s how: your IT department has to just sign up for the hosted version and within seconds it starts processing support tickets.

It’s also cost effective for the IT department and because of this; its operations don’t turn out to be a financial burden on your business. As they can rent the helpdesk software on a subscription basis and the fees are convenient.

6. Enables Transparency

Transparency in the IT department’s workplace is enabled through the team mailbox associated with an IT ticketing system. Let me explain: the IT help desk team through the shared inbox can see everything happening on the main ticket list. This helps in ensuring that not a single ticket is left unsolved. By the way, it also prioritizes support tickets in the queue such that the urgent ones are handled first.

7. Centralizes Communication

An IT help desk app has a user portal that acts as a single point of contact for all information, requests and related IT support. With this, communication in the IT department is made easier and less complicated which allows the IT team to optimize its performance.

It allows them to create tickets, check on the available issues to handle and also close the solved issues on time from a central place.

8. Allows Customization

Help desk software allows your IT department to create custom fields at their convenience which they can use to set up a database/ reports. Your IT helpdesk professionals can change, add or remove various fields according to how they need the information to be arranged. It can be organized according to different departments, location, floor numbers, building. These help in quickly retrieving information if it’s needed for reference at any time.

The Bottom Line

Do you want to ensure that your company’s tech issues are timely and satisfactorily solved? Consider having an IT ticketing system because it makes sure that every ticket is tailored to the right tech support at the right time. And with the excellence and cost-effectiveness of the Jitbit help desk software, you shouldn’t look further elsewhere.