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Feb 5 2015
A Single A/B-test Improved Our Helpdesk App Revenue by 25%

A lot of our readers are bootstrapped businesses and self-funded startups just like us. So I hope it's OK if we share our findings and challenges from time to time.

These are the results of a recent AB-test we ran on our "buy now" pages. Nothing new or special, just a trivial hypothesis and variations, but the results were overwhelming. Here we go:


Jan 25 2015
7 Brands that Revolutionized Customer Support

All these companies are known for amazing customer support (apart from offering a great product/service). And all these companies have one thing in common - customer support is everyone's job. Engineers, developers, executive officers, founders - everyone works in customer support every now and then.


Dec 18 2014
5 Reasons to Switch from Email to a Helpdesk System

How many times have you "marked something as unread" to deal with it later?

Don't get us wrong, email is perfectly fine if used appropriately. Especially for early stage startups that need to focus on launching their first product and getting their first customers. But once the "early stage" days are over, it's time to consider more powerful support tools.


Oct 16 2014
Meet the new Jitbit Helpdesk mobile apps

Just a quick update on the current state of our mobile apps - something that has started as a hobby project, grew up to be something used by thousands of people every day. But as you've probably noticed, we haven't pushed new updates in a while (especially for the iOS app). And while the apps still work perfectly fine, they have various problems that need fixing and we can't delay this any longer. Currently there are two main issues:


Sep 28 2014
Speeding up your helpdesk by 50% with canned responses

"Canned response" is a popular feature present in some email apps and most helpdesk systems, that allows inserting a quick pre-defined text into your response to a customer. Just like "self-support" help sites and searchable knowledge-bases can help you get rid of up to 45% of incoming support requests, the "canned responses" can speed up the remaining 55% drastically. If you're not using this feature you're really missing out.


Sep 14 2014
How to handle downtimes

Every app is going to go down at some point. No matter how good your team is you are going to have a major downtime. It’s not a question of “if” it’s a question of “when”. Even Google goes down from time to time. And when downtimes do happen, things get ugly quickly. These are going to be the hardest times for you and your customer support department.

Every serious outage causes loses. How much you lose depends directly on how your customer support agents have handled it.


Aug 25 2014
4 metrics to monitor customer happiness

How do you measure your customer support team success? The answer that immediately comes to my mind is "customer happiness". It is an ultimate helpdesk metric: if your customers are happy, it means that you've done a great job. However, "customer happiness" has one problem (apart from it being an obvious buzz term and sounding cheesy) — it can't be measured.


Aug 11 2014
Support by founders

At Jitbit me and Alex have been handling support tickets ourselves from the very beginning. We didn't have much choice since it was just the two of us. Two years ago we have started hiring customer support employees, but we still answer a significant number of support tickets daily.


Aug 4 2014
10 signs you’re not ready for a tech support job

So, you've decided to become a customer support agent. But do you have what it takes to be effective, successful and still enjoy your job? It mostly depends on your personal qualities and professional skills. But how do you know, if tech support suits you? Here are some signs that you are not ready to take on a customer support job:


Jul 29 2014
Growth-hacking using Google site search

A lot of our readers are small businesses and self-funded startups just like us. So I hope it's OK if we share our findings and challenges from time to time.


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