Apr 15 2010 :: by Alex Yumashev
Unlike Google Motion, this is not an April Fool's Joke, but a real concept product from Finnish cell phone giant Nokia.

Nokia Nenya is a magnetic ring that allows the user to control their cell phone with a twist of the ring. Turning the ring alters its magnetic field, the field gets picked up by a bracelet, and the bracelet is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Each movement can be programmed to perform a different task such as answering calls, changing music track etc.

Here's the official PDF from research.nokia.com.

Nokia Research Labs will present this concept at the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Vancouver, Canada next month.

My two cents: this is an interesting technical idea but doesn't seem very practical. Having three devices to answer the phone is kinda too much. Also, how would you feel wearing a ring that attracts nearby metal objects and damages your credit cards?

PS. Another reason why your startup should be utilizing the "market first" approach...

via new Scientist

'Nokia Nenya - control your cellphone with a ring on your finger' was written by Alex Yumashev
Alex Yumashev
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