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The SaaS paradox, Shifting to Linux, and a love/hate letter to Microsoft

As your SaaS application balloons in size and complexity, you're smacked right in the face with what I call "The SaaS Paradox" - where 90% of your work, blood, sweat, and tears become completely invisible to your customers. Let's break down this thankless iceberg of effort:

AI features in Jitbit Helpdesk


  1. Jitbit Helpdesk can now use AI to generate automatic ticket responses by using your Knowledge Base articles for context. Just enable "ChatGPT" integration in Administration - Integrations - ChatGPT and enjoy the benefits.
  2. We've also rewritten the "suggested KB articles" module to use a local (as in "your data is not shared with anyone") Large Language Model (LLM) to vectorize a ticket and locate similar content, which improves relevance drastically.

Both features are available in the SaaS version only (explanation below) at no additional cost.

Repairing Windows' Location Services

I've just spent two hours figuring out how to repair Location Services in Windows 10, and I simply can't resist sharing my battle scars. Although it's somewhat off-topic for this blog, as we primarily focus on helpdesk software and customer support, I believe someone might find this information useful. After all, a significant portion of helpdesk, tech support, and sysadmin tasks revolve around addressing Windows glitches, and I've yet to come across comprehensive resources on this particular issue.