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Nov 8 2020
6 Ideas for a Streamlined Help Desk

6 Ideas for a Streamlined Help Desk

One of the key challenges that most help desks have to juggle is managing time.

You’ve got constraints in terms of budget and number of assigned technicians or agents you can have, and you need to balance that with the workload coming through your help desk.

This makes streamlining and finding the most efficient operating strategies extra important. Sometimes you’re being asked to do “more with less,” while your users have high expectations of your service delivery too.

Here are a few ideas on how help desks can streamline:

Nov 2 2020
Helpdesk Job Description

Helpdesk Job Description

If you're lucky enough to be hiring right now, you already know that candidates are swamping the job market. Even more so than usual, helpdesk jobs are hot commodities, and many people are interested in them. So, what's the best way to ensure that you get the candidates that fit perfectly for your needs? It starts with writing a helpdesk job description that encompasses everything that your team finds valuable about support.

In this blog post, we'll break down how to write a helpdesk job description fit for a support pro and also provide you a template to take and use as you see fit.

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