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Zendesk vs. Jitbit

Jitbit is a great Zendesk alternative. We get a lot of inquiries asking to compare Jitbit with Zendesk by price and qualities, so we created this comparison page. If you're looking for an online support software system, these are the reasons to consider our web based help desk:

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Pricing comparison

Self Hosted
Hosted version
"Regular Plan"
"Enterprise Plan"


3 Year Total (9 users) (calculation) $2,497 $3,897 $9,396 $38,556
3 Year Total (20 users) (calculation) $2,497 $7,488 $20,880 $85,680


Maximum Tickets Per Agent per Month Unlimited Unlimited 500 1000
Attachment Size Unlimited Unlimited 7 MB 20 MB
Minimum Agents 1 1 3 5
Maximum Agents Unlimited Unlimited 20 100
API limit (requests / minute) Unlimited Unlimited 30 180

While our pricing might look scary at first ("$799" looks "big" compared to a "$39"), remember that this is a one-time payment. The upgrade fees are optional and our helpdesk app is the only one that includes unlimited agents for the same price.

No feature overload

Let's be honest, you won't ever use all Zendesk features. Some of our existing customers switched to our Helpdesk from Zendesk for this reason. Features take screen space and distract you from doing your job. Keeping the app easy to use is our highest priority. Our Helpdesk is designed for people who will have to stare at it all day, every workday. Read more: Zendesk alternative.

You may be worried that you'll miss some of the Zendesk features, but don't be: our app was in active development for the last six years, by now we have all the must have features and plenty of nice-to-have ones.

Unlimited customization

Besides the standard customization options like uploading your logo, changing colors and styles, we offer two more options Zendesk never would:

  1. Server version. Besides the hosted version we offer a package you can install on your own server. It comes with an automatic installer, so you don't even need to have much skills to set it up.
  2. Source codes. You can purchase a license with source codes and do whatever you want with it. Really, we don't have any limitations. You will get the entire source codes and you will be able to make any changes you like.

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