Privacy Policy

Jitbit values the privacy of those who visit the website and uses it's hosted services (Jitbit Helpdesk and others). If you are our customer, you will be notified about any major changes we make to the privacy policy.

Types of information we collect

We collect the email addresses of those who communicate with us via email and information voluntarily provided by them. It may include your name, company name, address and telephone number. We may use it to contact you when necessary.

We DO NOT store any information about your credit cards and billing addresses, all payments, including recurring subscriptions, are handled by our payment provider (Fastspring). In case you have any questions, refer to their privacy policy.

We collect anonymous information about the pages you access on our website and on any of our services. This is done in good faith and we use this information exclusively to improve the quality of our services. The information is NOT personally-identifiable.

We collect and store any information you or your customers provide using our hosted services (like tickets submitted to the helpdesk), storing this type of information is required for correct functioning of the services. We may access this information, but only with your permission (for example, when we need it to fix a bug). We can also run anonymous analysis to get the usage statistics to increase the quality of our services.

We will never sell or share your information with other companies or officials. All our products are compliant with US and EU privacy laws.

Security and storage

Your privacy and privacy of your clients is our top priority and we will take any reasonable measures to protect it. Our servers are hosted at the industry standard Amazon data center in North Virginia. We monitor the servers 24/7 to prevent attacks or downtimes. All information is being backed up to secure servers daily.

We use SSL, which makes all connections and data transfers between your browser (or any other client) and our services encrypted.

You retain all rights of ownership to the data you have stored on Jitbit Services and we will not share it with any third-parties or use this data to contact your clients.


If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact our support.

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