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Helpdesk: full list of features

  • Web-based - accessible from anywhere with just a browser, works on smartphones and touch devices.
  • Hosted or self-hosted - use it online (recommended) or install on your own server
  • iOS app + Android app + Mobile Web UI - free mobile apps plus mobile-optimized web-UI that works on any screen through a mobile browser.
  • Categorizing and Tagging tickets - assign tickets to different categories and assign default agents to categories.
  • File attachments - attach documents, screenshots and PDFs to tickets and Knowledge base articles.
  • Live chat - for your website right inside the "contact us" widget (see below), more details here.
  • Asset management - track your assets, assign assets to your users and tickets, track incident history and quickly find the asset owner
  • Email-integration - the help desk app monitors your support mailbox and converts emails to tickets, sends out email replies and notifications.
  • Time tracking - automatic billable hours tracking
  • Knowledge base - a self-support portal for users
  • Reports with an option to export to Excel and CSV
  • User permissions - different user roles and security permissions (technicians can be assigned to different areas, no customer sees anyone else's data, etc)
  • "Companies" - Assign users to "companies" and "departments", set up company "managers" and track tickets from particular companies.
  • Active Directory authentication - possible Windows-integrated authentication - integrate our support ticket software with your existing Active Directory users catalog. Even the hosted version can authenticate users via AD
  • Single sign on - integrate with your other apps via SAML (with any SAML provider - like Google, Azure AD, ADFS etc), or use our simple Authentication API.
  • Automation/macros engine - Set up complicated workflows using our easy "if this - do that" engine.
  • Custom fields for tickets, like "client number" or "equipment ID" etc
  • Custom statuses for tickets, like "on hold" or "awaits shipping" etc
  • Customizable design - add your own logo, change colors and fonts, add custom CSS, adjust the way your emails look. You can even add custom JavaScript to customize the app even further.
  • Custom domain (for the hosted version) - switch the helpdesk app to your own domain name, like "", SSL supported.
  • Multilingual - Help Desk supports English, German, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Finnish, and more.
  • Import/export - for users, tickets, assets etc. You can import/export from CSV or even import from another ticket system (like Zendesk or Freshdesk)
  • Search engine - quickly find tickets by keywords, advanced search by ticket date, users, companies, tags etc.
  • Integration with 3rd-party apps, including:
  • RESTful API
  • "Contact us" widget for your website/app - with just one line of JavaScript you can add a nice looking "support" popup to all your website pages. Live-chat with your website visitors and archive the conversations as tickets.
  • Source codes - C# source codes available for developers
  • AI powered autosuggest - suggest relevant KB articles to users when they create a ticket, utilizing modern Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques (hosted version only!).
  • Calendar view for tickets, so you can easily manage your helpdesk "due-dates".
  • Ideas forum where user can suggest new features for your product, "vote" for feature-requests and leave their comments
  • Machine Learning (hosted version only) - automatically suggest relevant Knowledge base articles to helpdesk agents when tickets come in
  • Scheduled tickets set up a daily/weekly/monthly/etc. schedule for your recurring maintenance tasks
  • Knowledge base self-service customer portal for publishing FAQs and how-to articles. Comes with a search engine and granular permissions.

These are just some of our help desk app features.

Short video tutorial

Remember to check our short 5 minutes introduction video here that quickly walks you through all the basic features of our ticket management system.

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