Helpdesk: full list of features

  • Web-based - accessible from anywhere with just a browser, works on smartphones and touch devices.
  • Hosted or self-hosted - use it online as a SaaS (recommended) or install on your own server
  • Categorizing and Tagging tickets - assign tickets to different categories and assign default agents to categories.
  • File attachments - attach documents, screenshots and PDFs to tickets and Knowledge base articles. Built-in antivirus for all files (SaaS version only)
  • Screen capture - you can record your screen (a video or a single screenshot) right from the web app and upload it to the ticket, no additional software needed
  • Live chat - for your website, more details here.
  • Asset management - track your assets, assign assets to your users and tickets, track incident history and quickly find the asset owner
  • Email-integration - the help desk app monitors your support mailbox and converts emails to tickets, sends out email replies and notifications.
  • Time tracking - automatic billable hours tracking
  • Knowledge base - self-service customer portal for publishing FAQs and how-to articles. Comes with a search engine, granular permissions and access logs and reports to discover your most popular content.
  • Reports with an option to export to Excel and CSV: resolution time, time of day distribution, response speed, Kanban view and many other. And even a custom report builder. Track various customer support metrics, measure your agents performance etc.
  • Dashboard real-time overview of the most important metrics
  • Linking, merging tickets, "close as duplicate" and other advanced ticket management
  • Subtickets - divide a ticket into smaller subtickets
  • User/company history - quickly see previous requests from a company or a user
  • Anti-spam for incoming emails
  • User permissions - different user roles and security permissions (technicians can be assigned to different areas, no customer sees anyone elses data, etc). Set up custom password complexity policies.
  • "Companies" - Assign users to "companies" and "departments", set up company "managers" and track ticket history from particular companies.
  • Automated email/company assignment - the app will detect users emailing you from the same non-free domain name and assign them to the same company (optional)
  • Active Directory authentication - possible Windows-integrated authentication - integrate our support ticket software with your existing Active Directory users catalog. Even the hosted version can authenticate users via AD
  • Single sign on - integrate with your other apps via SAML (with any SAML provider - like Google Apps, Azure AD, ADFS etc), or use our simple Authentication API, or use the built-in "login with Google" feature out of the box.
  • Automation/macros engine - Set up complicated workflows using our easy "if this - do that" engine. Here's an example trigger-action: "if the ticket becomes overdue send an HTTP-request to an external URL"
  • Custom fields for tickets and assets, like "client number" or "equipment ID" etc. And pre-filled ticket templates
  • Custom statuses for tickets, like "on hold" or "awaits shipping" etc
  • Customizable design - add your own logo, change colors and fonts, add custom CSS, adjust the way your emails look. You can even add custom JavaScript to customize the app even further.
  • Customizable working hours and timezones - global or per-user
  • Custom domain (for the hosted version) - switch the help desk app to your own domain name, like "", with SSL out of the box.
  • Customizable email templates - global or ticket-category specific template, with granular notification settings
  • Canned responses to frequent issues
  • Multiassign - assign tickets to multiple agents
  • Agent collision detection - handy messages like "user X is also looking at this ticket and typing a reply"
  • Multilingual - Help Desk supports English, German, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Finnish, Estonian, Chinese traditional, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Turkish, Hebrew, Croatian, Czech and more.
  • iOS app + Android app + Mobile Web UI - free mobile apps plus the mobile-optimized web-UI that works on any screen through a mobile browser.
  • Import/export - users, tickets, assets, knowledge-base articles etc. You can import/export from CSV or pull live tickets from another ticket system (like Zendesk or Freshdesk)
  • Audit logs - so you never have to ask "who deleted that ticket?" again
  • Search engine - quickly find tickets by keywords, advanced search by ticket date, users, companies, tags, custom fields etc.
  • Integration with 3rd-party apps, including:
  • "Contact us" widget for your website/app - with just one line of JavaScript you can add a nice looking "support" popup to all your website pages. Live-chat with your website visitors and archive conversations as tickets.
  • Source codes - C# source code license available for developers
  • AI powered autosuggest and GPT integration - suggest relevant KB articles to users when they create a ticket, utilizing modern Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques (SaaS version only). And GPT-integration to suggest responses automatically or generate ticket-summaries
  • Calendar view for tickets, so you can easily manage your help desk's "due-dates".
  • Ideas forum where users can suggest new features for your product, "vote" for feature-requests and leave their comments
  • Scheduled tickets set up a daily/weekly/monthly/other schedule for your recurring maintenance tasks
  • Machine Learning (hosted version only) - automatically suggest relevant Knowledge base articles and canned responses to helpdesk agents (not just end users) when tickets come in

These are just some of our help desk ticketing system features.

Short video tutorial

Remember to check our short 5 minutes introduction video here that quickly walks you through all the basic features of our ticket management system.

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