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13 spoiled programs

Oct 19 2007 :: by Alex
In the software industry a program's new version is often worse than the previous one. Instead of becoming a better (faster, simpler and more powerful) software application over time, it turns into an over-sized monster, loaded with tons of useless features, bells and whistles. How about a hard disk defragmenter that can read email? It is quite possible according to Jamie Zawinski and his law that states that "every program attempts to expand until it can read mail".

PC World magazine has compiled a list of 13 of "earlier-is-better" software applications. Including (at no surprise):

That's something we will try to avoid here at Jitbit, doing our best to develop neat software. If you ever find some of our tools too complicated, overloaded, slow or trying to be "everything for everyone", please send us some severe feedback.

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