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Why not classic ASP Forum Software?

The obvious reason why you should not be looking for ASP forum software is that "classic" ASP is not actively supported by MS any more. ASP is not even enabled in the latest versions of IIS-server by default and it's not even listed at the Microsoft's "Product Lifecycle" page. However, unofficial sources claim that it will be in the "extended support" mode till 2015. Also, MS is not updating any development tools for the "classic" ASP.

Why choose ASP.NET over a classic ASP forum?

  • Process isolation - ASP.NET process is isolated from "inetinfo.exe" - the webserver's main process. This is crucial for forum software - a web-application whose content is 99% user-generated. This kind of applications tend to be attacked by viruses and malware more often than regular static websites.
  • Compilation (vs interpretation) - classic ASP forum apps are "interpreted" by a webserver while ASP.NET code is compiled (the first time user opens a page - it is being compiled into native code by the JIT compiler, making it lightning fast. That is also important for forum software that processes and delivers content from a database, rather than serving static data.
  • Deployment - classic ASP might required stopping and restarting a web-server when you update an application. ASP.NET is free of that.
  • True multithreading - is another reason why ASP.NET is much faster than ASP.
  • Server-side caching - our forum caches lots of data in memory to prevent querying the database every time
  • Improved security - ASP.NET features lots of built-in security validations that prevent XSS-hacking and other types of attacks (unlike classic ASP)
  • Scalability - ASP.NET is much more friendly to high-traffic websites than the classic ASP
  • Enjoyable programming - ASP.NET features different programming languages you can choose from (end even mix languages in the same project), and object-oriented structure. While the classic ASP can only be written with VBScript

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