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Rating features of the forum app

One of the features that makes our ASP.NET forum software different from the others is the built-in rating system and a feature that hides unrated posts from viewing.

Every registered user can vote a message "up" or "down" by pressing the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" icons next to it. Every topic has a "show rated posts only" link that hides unrated answers and shows rated posts only, sorted by their rating (top-rated messages first). This handy feature makes finding useful posts really easy, filtering all the "noise", when searching for answers.

Rating a message also adds (or subtracts) points to the author's "reputation" that is shown on his profile page.

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  • Accepted answer - a topic-starter can mark a forum post as an "accepted answer". The "accepted" post is being displayed in a green color making it easier for other users to quickly locate the useful information.
  • Rating system allows users to vote posts up and down affecting the authors reputation and filtering helpful answers more info.

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