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Windows Help Desk Software For Trouble Call Organization

No part of the organization is more important than any other, but sometimes it feels as though the nerds over in IT are the glue that holds everything together. Everyone depends on their helpdesk getting everything straight so that the company's work can get done.

Luckily, the technicians who manage the helpdesk can depend upon JitBit's Windows Help Desk Software. The software is designed to run perfectly with whatever version Windows Server your company is using.

The Firemen

The IT crew does not deal with the organization's customers. The organization itself is their customer. You might say that their job is “Putting Out Fires”. As any veteran First Responder can relate, some days there are more fires than others.

As each department is vital to the mission, each trouble call that comes through the IT department is important. The help desk ticketing system is not designed for triage, rather it is meant to ensure that not problem gets lost or forgotten. After all, it is the problem that gets ignored today that becomes a crisis tomorrow.

The Mighty Knowledge Base

Some “problems” are actually a lack of information supplied to the person submitting the trouble call. Putting the right knowledge in their hands at the right time can be a powerful tool. Not only will this empower the team member who has the problem, but it saves the IT Department time and resources.

An important part of the simple help desk software is a robust knowledge base. It is valuable to track these problems using the help desk software; the information can be incorporated into future training material.

In House Or In The Cloud

For the departments which deal with customers outside of the organization, there are obvious advantages to providing help desk software support over the Internet, “In the Cloud”.

JitBit's server's are hosted at the Amazon datacenter in Northern Virginia, making it incredibly secure. The biggest advantage to your organization may be that JitBit will ensure that the software is kept up to date. Any new versions will be available for you to take advantage of, almost before they hit the street.

If your company maintains a tightly controlled intranet for security reasons, JitBit's Self Hosted Windows Help Desk can be a great solution. The system is designed to be compatible with all Windows based servers. Read full system requirements

Any company that runs a help desk or support staff requires the use of help desk software. Help desk software for Windows applications can be necessary to properly troubleshoot any issues that customers or staff members are having. Help desk software can be used both to support issues that customers are having with service or to support the issues that staff members have in a large company. Help desk software allows the opening and monitoring of support tickets.

Help desk software for Windows enables a team to track all known issues and resolve them by order of priority. This means that all of the emergency issues can be dealt with first and the smaller issues can be dealt with towards the end of the day. This also means that no issues ever go unresolved because the team can see all open issues at any time. Tickets can be traded between staff members if there are other staff members better suited to it, and all of the support team members can see the history of each ticket.

Jitbit Helpdesk Software offers help desk software for Windows applications that can run directly on the company's existing email system. Companies of all sizes can benefit from using Jitbit Helpdesk for their help desk support.

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