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Hosted CRM Backup Policy

We often get asked "what is the backup policy for your SaaS CRM?" "How do you keep your data safe?"

We have two types of daily backups:

  • the CRM database backup, which takes place every night
  • the CRM server backup - the whole server is being saved to another machine as a disk image
Both backups are performed daily.

Also, even if your hosted account expires - we still keep your data for 4 (four) months, so you have a chance to prolong your account. This work for trial accounts as well - you sign-up for a free trial, and your data stays on our server for half-year, even after the trial period has expired.

We can also set up a backup-file publishing procedure for you, so you can copy the backup to your own servers (we provide you with an FTP-account so you can download the backup whenever you want) but this option requires a small setup fee.

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