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Keyboard Macro

While mouse recorders is a handy simple way to automate things under Windows, creating keyboard macros is sometimes a more reliable option.

Why mouse-recording is not enough

When you record your mouse actions - keep in mind that the clickable objects (buttons and menus) may change their positions. For instance - every time you launch a program, the program-window might appear at a new location. Jitbit Macro Recorder uses the "Smart-REC" ™ technology while recording your mouse, which prevents those kinds of glitches by using "relative" mouse-coordinates where possible, but sometimes it's still impossible to prevent minor errors. That's when a keyboard macro comes handy

Keyboard Macro

Almost 99% of the things you do with your mouse - can also be done with the keyboard:

  • Clicking ANY button on a dialog - is just "tabbing" to that button (moving the focus to it by pressing the "Tab" key several times) and pressing the "Enter" or "Space" key on your keyboard
  • Clicking an "OK" button - equals pressing the "Enter" key on your keyboard
  • Clicking "Cancel" button - equals pressing the "Esc" key
  • Navigating the menu - is pressing "F10" or "Alt" keys to open the menu and then using the arrow keyboard keys to select the required item
  • etc. etc.

As you can see, almost any action that is performed by a mouse, can also be achieved by a series of keystrokes. And the keys don't change its positions, the keyboard-macro behavior will always be the same, no matter what screen resolution you have or what the window-location is.

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