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Why simple CRM Software?

Back in 2003 the Gartner research firm conducted a survey of more than 700 companies. The survey indicated that almost 50% of purchased Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software licenses - lie unused and have yet to be installed.

Thats millions of dollars of software.

You don't need to sink money into another technology you'll never use. And most of the CRM systems go unused because of its complexity, the need to hire overpriced consultants to install the required workflows and business-processes in your company, the need to adopt a new way of working etc.

All you need is to keep a simple list of your customers (companies and contacts) and track the history of relationships.

Our CRM software for small business is just this kind of software - the smarter way to keep track your customer relationships. Here's what our CRM software does in 7 words:

Jitbit CRM Software keeps a list of your customers, each having a history of notes/tasks, that can be optionally grouped into "projects". That's it.

No more questions like - What's that company again? Has anyone else in my company talked to their CEO? What are the projects we're doing for them?

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