IP switcher (network settings manager) for mobile laptop users. Switches a computer between multiple network settings - switch IP address, proxy server, printer etc.

Network Switcher has been discontinued and is no longer sold by Jitbit Software. Our flagship product is now Jitbit Ticketing System please check it out.

Not just an IP Switcher

Jitbit Network Switcher (formely "Net Profile Switch") - is not just a, well, network switcher. It's a full-blown network settings manager for notebook/laptop users. It switches your network adapter between network settings (profiles) on the fly, keeping notebook users from having to reconfigure their network settings every time (browser settings, printer settings etc).

A network profile includes:

Switch between network configurations

For example you can switch a laptop computer between two networks: one with a static IP address, and another with a DHCP assigned IP address. Or switch one static IP address to another. Switch a proxy server, switch SMTP-server and more.

This network profile manager is ideal for mobile people that connect to different networks all the time. Assume you have a DHCP-enabled network at your office, and a static IP address assigned to your network card at home. Moreover, you have a web proxy server in your office and no proxy at home. Every time you connect your notebook or laptop to a new local network you have to change the network-adapter settings and switch proxy settings manually. But, wouldn't it be easier to store two profiles (called "office" and "home") and switch between networks with one click?

If you deal with two or more network locations, you can benefit from this network switcher utility that creates a profile with your configuration settings. Then you can easily switch between locations by activating a profile without restarting your laptop.

Now Windows-7 compatible

Network Switcher works fine on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and is fully compatible with UAC.

Lightweight and stable network switcher

Jitbit Network Switcher® uses Microsoft Windows native instrumentation of managing network settings.