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Dec 17 2013
Great customer support improves metrics: the numbers

Let’s be honest, we put marketing and development first and everything else second. Despite the overall positive trend, customer support is still an afterthought for most small SaaS companies and that is a huge mistake.

I know, the only thing that could convince founders to do something nowadays is numbers and data, which is perfectly fine. That is exactly what I’m going to do – I’m going to use numbers to convince you to invest in customer support


Dec 2 2013
[Jitbit News] Cyber Monday sale

Just a quick reminder that we're in the middle of our Cyber Monday sale. We're running it for three more days, so you still have time.


Nov 26 2013
Making churn an actionable metric

By now, everyone probably knows that the churn rate is one of the most important metrics you can track in a SaaS app. It’s a perfectly good metric apart from one thing – it’s not very actionable.

When we talk about, say, “new customers per month”, it’s perfectly clear what we need to do to increase that number: we need to get more people into the funnel or optimize the funnel itself, right? Things are not that obvious when we deal with the churn rate.


Jul 1 2013
My startup is Microsoft-based, here's why

In February 2013 Amy Hoy has shut down "Charm" - her web-based help desk app. The primary reason for the shutdown was high availability requirement (since downtime is not an option for a helpdesk app) and the product becoming too demanding in terms of server architecture and monthly bills. To sum up - it stopped being fun and became an engineering PITA.


Jun 19 2013
Most of your AB-tests will fail

A/B testing is overhyped. It is everywhere these days. It seems like many people in our industry perceive it as a magic tool that will boost their conversions with very little effort. It’s easy to get hooked with the A/B testing frenzy — the Internet is filled with success stories about how changing a stupid button color resulted in a 300% increase in conversions.


Jun 6 2013
How Google Authorship AND PENGUIN have killed our traffic

About a week ago I wrote a blog post on how Google Authorship has decreased our traffic. The post went viral on Hackernews, Inbound.org, Reddit etc. Even Matt Cutts has commented on HackerNews confirming that my website was affected by Penguin.


May 30 2013
How Google Authorship decreased our traffic by 90%

A lot of our readers are small businesses and self-funded startups just like us. So I hope it's OK if we share our findings and challenges.

Almost every single SEO-blog on this planet (including SeoMoz, Copyblogger etc. etc.) has written a post about why "Google Authorship" is so great and why you should "claim" it right now. In short - because after you associate your G+ profile with your website there will be a small picture showing up next to your website in Google search results (aka "the SERP" - "Search engine results page").


May 28 2013
What can we learn from in-person customer support

Since the SaaS Helpdesk is our flagship product, we thought we could share things we have learned about customer support along the years of supporting our customers. We hope you'll find them useful.

"Customer interaction" is perhaps as old as time. It has been around for as long as people bought products. Traditional customer support - when there were no phones, not to mention email - has come a long way, enough to find out what works and what doesn’t. The truth is, email tech support is no different, apart from the fact that you don't see the person you are talking to. So let’s start learning, shall we?


May 27 2013
Jitbit's SQL interview questions

We have a lot of engeneers reading this blog (since we're selling a help desk ticketing system to - mostly - IT people). So we decided to share the SQL questions we give our candidates during interviews, you guys might find it useful.

May 24 2013
Live Chat Software from Jitbit

We've been in the help desk software market for many years and finally decided to expand our product lineup to the live-support niche. And today we're proud to announce the launch of a live chat software application.


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