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May 27 2013
Jitbit's SQL interview questions

We have a lot of engeneers reading this blog (since we're selling a help desk ticketing system to - mostly - IT people). So we decided to share the SQL questions we give our candidates during interviews, you guys might find it useful.

May 24 2013
Live Chat Software from Jitbit

We've been in the help desk software market for many years and finally decided to expand our product lineup to the live-support niche. And today we're proud to announce the launch of a live chat software application.


May 23 2013
Our blog

First off, please welcome our new blog. The Jitbit website's news feed is being transformed into a full-fledged "official blog" that we will publish our news, tips for the users, announcements and other awesome stuff to.


Apr 12 2013
Free Hosted Help Desk


Mar 30 2013
Helpdesk iOS app is LIVE!

The iPhone app we have announced previously has just gone live!! Get it here


Mar 18 2013
Helpdesk iOS app is coming

Many of you will be happy to know that we've just entered the private testing phase with our brand new Helpdesk iOS app. We're aiming to submit it to the Appstore within a week, so you can expect the release at the beginning of April.


Feb 13 2013
SLA and macros in helpdesk


Jan 8 2013
Zendesk versus Jitbit


Nov 6 2012
Moving to the cloud!


Sep 16 2012
Helpdesk: Google Drive integration!

Our web based help desk now features Google Drive integration continued...

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