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Sep 4 2018
How Jitbit Help Desk helps you with GDPR

How Jitbit Help Desk helps you with GDPR

The new European General Data Protection Regulation act (GDPR) introduced some new data processing and handling requirements and since Jitbit provides a SaaS help desk app, that sits in between our customers and their clients, we have to be compliant in two ways

  1. Ensure GDPR compliance between us and our customers
  2. Help our customers stay compliant for their customers

Jul 6 2018
No Bullshit Proactive Customer Service

No Bullshit Proactive Customer Service

How to provide proactive customer service without being intrusive?

OK, so everyone's talking about proactive customer service these days. Which is - helping a customer before they actually ask for help.

While this sounds very nice and all, in reality you're mostly annoyed by all these stupid overly excited intrusive canned messages.

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