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Highly Effective But Cheap Hosted Helpdesk

It is impossible to overstate the importance of a customer support software to your business, however large or small it may be. The ability to have full control from beginning to end of each issue or enquiry raised by existing or new clients could be the difference between a single frustrating transaction and a long-term business relationship. A hosted helpdesk suits most of us perfectly but a cheap hosted helpdesk does not have to mean an ineffective or poorly featured one.

Our hosted support ticket software is cheaper than most of the competition! But before you check out the prices read on to find out if a cheap helpdesk can still be effective.

Our Hosted Helpdesk Works!

We honestly think that our feature set is second to none at the prices we charge. Not only does it include everything you would expect such as:

  • File-attachments
  • 2-way email-integration
  • Simple and clean UI
  • Asset-management
  • Knowledge base
  • "Ideas" forum where user suggest new features and "vote" for them
  • Free mobile apps for iOS and Android so you can respond to tickets on the go

But also features you'd never expect from a product that calles itself "cheap"

In-depth reports

See your average reponse times, time spent to resolve a ticket, how many time a ticket is being reopened, which users adn companie generate the most requests etc.

helpdesk reports

Canned responses

Never answer the same question twice again, save your common replies to reuse them later.

Canned responses

Single sign on

Connect our helpdesk app with your existing users database like Active Directory or another web-app. We support SAML authentication protocol along with a number of other authentication protocols.

Live chat

Chat with your visitors live, or even add a cool little support widget to your website and see which visitors are still online.

support widget demo

It also comes with our latest feature so cool the software is probably wearing shades. Yes, we've been thinking laterally and have included an SLA rules feature so you can define workflow-rules and speed up the efficiency of your processing of tickets. But even this isn’t what sets Jitbit’s hosted helpdesk apart from the crowd.

Other Cool Helpdesk Features

Our helpdesk is a cloud helpdesk, hosted on Amazon’s highly secure servers and is both secure and rock solid reliable. Although it can’t be as customizable as the downloaded version we offer you still have some fun options to change how it looks – adding your company logo and changing colours, for example. It’s powerful and feature packed with the ability to convert your existing email system to tickets so every contact receives the same level of service, and because we host it for you there are no set-up costs such as installing or upgrading your server and paying to have that done. Nope, you have one cost and after that we take care of the upkeep forever including upgrading and improving on a regular basis so you always have the best experience possible.

Check out the prices

We hope this article goes a long way to showing you that a cheap hosted helpdesk can also be a very fine one.

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