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Free Hosted Helpdesk

If you’re in the market for a new helpdesk and also have a blog Jitbit is offering a 6 month free hosted helpdesk for a blog review.

A Free Hosted Helpdesk? Yes Please!

Yeah, we know, altruistic to a fault, aren’t we? All you need to do is sign up and give it a whirl. Then write a review. Approach it exactly as you would as any customer and don’t tell us your intentions to review it – we want you to have a genuine experience of the helpdesk so your review can be as honest as possible because we view all feedback – good or bad – as useful. No need to pull your punches!

When you’ve had enough time to integrate our hosted helpdesk into your working systems get your keyboard out, crack those knuckles and write a review (we mean it about not pulling punches!). Of course, we expect you to love it, but we won’t send the heavies round if you hate it! Then simply email a link to "info[at]" with a link to your review and we’ll contact you for your 6 month free hosted helpdesk contract.

Any Other Requirements?

Yes, a couple. As we've said, a negative review is fine if that’s how you feel, but

  • We do retain the right to refuse you a contract if your blog is a spam blog with no content for real people
  • We also require your blog to be live (have some action from you in the past 2-3 months), more than 6 months old and indexed by Google
  • Your content has to be your own work too - no naughty copy and paste jobs from another blog.

Can Anyone Else Get a Free Hosted Helpdesk?

Yes! If you’re an academic/educational organisation we will happily consider offering a free contract in exchange for a link on your website. It doesn't hurt to ask!

Why would you need a helpdesk system anyway?

You've probably realised that a cloud helpdesk application is one of the most important additions you can add to your customer service armoury. An often overlooked feature when considering a new website build or performance strategy, a helpdesk can streamline, simplify and supercharge your interactions with the public. As you've probably noted these apps often come with a hefty price tag attached and that is where Jitbit come in. We're offering a free cloud helpdesk to anyone who has a successful blog and fancies writing a review.

Let's look at a few of the reasons why our free cloud helpdesk might be for you:

  • Simplicity - Based in the cloud (the new buzz word for the internet) our helpdesk is completely hassle free to use. All you need to do is sign up for our free trial by choosing a URL and sending us your name and email address and, well, that's it, you're ready to roll.
  • Security – We use Amazon's datacenters in West Virginia because we know they're as safe as Fort Knox, but on top of that we back up all your data as well as the entire server daily. To top that up we're always working on new patches to keep ahead of the game and applying them without a blip to your service. This is something only a cloud based helpdesk can provide.
  • Lightning fast – Again Amazon's servers are high tech and uber reliable and we work tirelessly with the code keeping it clean, simple and smooth – we're always looking to eek out a few more milliseconds of speed to keep you working efficiently on all platforms.
  • Accessibility – It's in the cloud! Because there are no downloads and no software and your free cloud helpdesk is located “out there” in internet space it is accessible on any device from anywhere there is an internet connection. We have developed a slightly different version for each device so you will always have the best user experience possible.

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